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  • The Extra Rifle in Dealey Plaza The Extra Rifle in Dealey Plaza The death of the 35nd President of the United States was the result of a conspiracy. And it's provable.
  • 7 Voices 7 Voices In this notable anthology you will find more than two-dozen stories and reflections.
  • Case Closed Case Closed The truth comes out in the FBI's handling of the Amerithrax Case.
  • And Then There Was One And Then There Was One A Nurse's Memories of A.G. Holley State Tuberculosis Hospital
  • The Sad Demise of Henry The Sad Demise of Henry “The Sad Demise of Henry and Other Key West Musings” by Jack Mazur
  • Twice Caught Twice Caught by Larry Presby
  • AAeB Editors Pick Their Favorite Books in 2014 AAeB Editors Pick Their Favorite Books in 2014
  • Slip Time Slip Time (A Bill Roedock Novel #1)
    A simple "find and fetch" turns into a quagmire of intrigue, violence and deception.
  • The Second Coming The Second Coming This time the vindicitive and sinister Magnus has grander plans.
  • Sewed Up Tight Sewed Up Tight Those Quilters Club ladies - Maddy, Cookie, Bootsie, and Lizzie - don't believe in ghosts, but they have a case to solve when the ghost of Beasley Mansion scares the high school principal to death
  • The Coming The Coming Sam Rossi has protected the world for 800 years from The Coming, and he wasn't going to let a little thing like death get in his way.
  • Family Matters Family Matters Based on the true story of a naïve young woman who falls victim to the charms of a smart, handsome and sexy college boy who becomes her abusive (but addictive) husband, this is a romance gone bad.

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