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Magick"Magick," By Brooke Babineau,

In this imaginative new screenplay we encounter a young boy who finds Merlin’s magic wand . . . and Merlin! Guided by the ancient magician they must find a way to save our world . . . Buy and/or Read More >>>

Brooke Babineau

Genre: Mystery/Thrillers

Meet The Author

Brooke Babineau came to Key West in 1985. This was a heady and adventurous time in the Florida Keys with piracy making a comeback, driven by the public's thirst for controlled substances. While sampling the "tropical life" (shark hunting, marine salvage and working on fishing boats), Babineau met playwright Budd Schulberg who immediately warmed to a kindred creative spirit and encouraged him to develop his stories. Below Mile Zero was conceived that night.

IInstant Interview!

What do you like best about writing?

The out-of-body experience while travelling through the alternate realms of the cre8tve universe. There is no "i" in cre8tve because there is no ego in the lands of What-if...?

Brooke Babineau

Brooke Babineau

Below Mile Zero
by Brooke Babineau

Key West is an end-of-the-road town and the reluctant hero in Below Mile Zero considered the island a safer clime than New Orleans. Or so it seemed until bullets started flying. Caught between bad guys, this drifter with no place left to drift must fight back, deal with betrayal, and come to terms with his past … or wake up dead. Brooke Babineau concocts a mean, fast-paced story that takes the reader for an island tour while keeping the adrenaline on high.
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Babineau tells a long, strange tale – Key West author describes book, talks about creative process.
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