Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Meet The Author

After health issues caused Angela Jarvis to quit her job as a Physical Therapy Technician, she decided to devote more time to writing, which she has loved since her early teens. Angela lives in a very small town on the southern edge of Lake Okeechobee with her husband, daughter, and several fur babies. She has a grown son who is a sheriff deputy in the Florida Panhandle. He is a good source of information about law enforcement. “I find that ideas abound in a small town,” says Angela. “Watching and listening is where all my best ideas come from.”

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Angela Jarvis

Angela Jarvis
The Wages Of Sin
by Angela Jarvis,
$3.99 ebook,
$14.95 paperback

Most people dream of escaping TO paradise, these women are praying to escape FROM it. Detective Valerie Mason moved to the serenity of the Florida Keys to get away from big city crime. Her peaceful paradise is shattered when the body of a young woman is found on the island of Big Pine Key, and when a second body is found in the same condition, she fears the worst—a serial killer. Knowing the life that her sister leads is similar to the lifestyles of the victims and could put her in danger, she has to work fast. Working with the attractive Lieutenant from the Marine Patrol unit, an older detective who is more worried about retirement than he is about solving murders, and the hippie that keeps tripping over dead bodies as the prime suspect, can she catch the killer before another woman pays the price?
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