Genre: Memoir / History

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Bud Navero was raised on the streets and basketball courts of NYC. He discovered film, music. art, poetry and their attraction to adventurous girls, at an early age. This led to hundreds of hours in museums, movie "art houses", jazz clubs, street corner or subway acca pella harmonies, and a variety of places he'd been warned against. He hung with older artists - many of whom came to be known as the best of the 20th C. and managed to earn a PhD in Literature from the renowned program at SUNY Buffalo where he typed his Doctoral dissertation on William Carlos Williams' Remington. While.there, he also studied film at The Center for Media Studies with some of the world's foremost experimental filmmakers. He hid out in the Rockies, eventually guest lecturing at The Naropa Institute and arrived in Key West in the Class of '75. KEY WEST CONFIDENTIAL is an affectionate glimpse of those renegade generous days. A gypsy at heart, he's lived all over the West Side of Manhattan, all over Key West, all over Lauderdale and Miami, and in most of the Caribbean. He's currently working on three new writing projects and hoping to revive "So The Boys Can Cry" - a play he wrote to benefit 9/11 First Responders. He encourages your generous support of Esthers Aid for Orphaned and Abandoned Children and the Milagro Foundation.

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I've been keeping a journal for forty plus years. In that sense I'm always writing. When it comes to "final drafts" I've benefited from journalism's deadlines. I'm not big on laborious re-writes. Poetry teaches you to compose yourself, focus, eliminate the interference, and hit it!

Bud Navero

Bud Navero
Key West Confidential
by Bud Navero,
eBook $3.99,
Paperback $19.95

Bud Navero's insider view gives rise to this Pssst! Don't-Tell-Anybody-You-Read-It-Here book. Ranging from tales about Captain Tony to snippets about Jimmy Buffet, yarns about the Green Parrot Saloon and paeans to Blue Heaven, reminiscences about Mel Fisher and memories of Hunter Thompson -- it's all here, true stories about Key West and its colorful, off-the-wall denizens. BUY and/or Read More > > >