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Damaged GoodsDamaged Goods
by John Leslie, $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
Ex-football player and ex-cop Harry Molina is paid to keep people safe, and in sunny Southern Florida, where Uzis are as common as retirees, a lot of people need his help. Harry's friend Bryce Marshall, a high-strung financier with a slew of bad debts, has been forced into a disappearing act that may never end. And Jane Unruh's eighteen-year-old life is at risk. Buy and/or Read More >>>

Killer in ParadiseKiller in Paradise,
by John Leslie, $3.99 ebook; $14.95 paperback
Meet homicide detective Patrick Bowman and his beautiful wife Lee. Their stay in Key West is interrupted by a series of murders. And Police Chief Raul Jiminez finds himself up against a grand jury investigating him . . .
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Bounty Hunter BluesBounty Hunter Blues
by John Leslie, $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
Bounty hunter Craig Chappell had a personal score to settle with a killer named Brown -- but the three-hundred-pound son of a mobster got in the way. Now the Mob is involved. Brown is on the loose and Chappell has the murdered boy's family to answer to. Buy and/or Read More >>>

Genre: Literature/Good Reading

Meet The Author

The western Oklahoma panhandle was John Leslie's home for many of his earliest years before south central Kansas claimed him from teens through college. Next Europe and the Middle East took over for more than ten years of seasoning. Then in the raucous '70s, Key West got into John Leslie's blood and has inspired him ever since. Ten novels, one written under the name David Bradley, were set in Key West or south Florida.
Besides writing, he worked on one of the last of the great cattle ranches in the Wind River range of the Wyoming Rockies; taught English in Libya, Saudi Arabia, and Iran; crisscrossed the country driving an eighteen-wheeler; and toiled in the commercial fishing industry for a few years. In short, the kind of work that once, until creative writing schools became fashionable, forged writers, and hopefully occasionally still does.
John is the author of numerous popular mysteries set in Key West and the Caribbean. These include Bounty Hunter Blues, Damaged Goods, Havana Hustle, and Killer in Paradise.

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John Leslie

John Leslie
Border Crossing
by John Leslie,

Border Crossing is a picaresque coming-of-age story of a Texas boy's pursuit of manhood. After growing up on a small horse ranch near the little town of Marfa in the southwest part of the state, not far above the Mexican border, Del Ray Gunn must cope with events that will have a profound impact on his future, including his father's death, his mother's reappearance in his life, and 9/11. The novel takes its characters and readers deep into issues that have become pervasive in contemporary America: broken families, the effect of war on innocent men who are still emotional boys, controversies arising from illegal immigration and its real effect on the lives of residents as well as immigrants.
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