Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Meet The Author

A former Key West resident. Wayne spent seven years there as a director in the hospitality business, where he spent endless hours in the Key West public library pouring over microfilm records of his families’ conch roots. Wayne currently lives in Melbourne, Florida with his wife Tina. He has published a series of five books, all a combination of contemporary and historical fiction with a Key West theme. A world traveler, Wayne has visited 24 countries on five continents and all fifty states. An avid fisherman snorkeler, gourmet chef, former classic rock and country guitarist, he has also raced cars, trucks and motorcycles in Baja and grew up as a rodeo cowboy. He has five children and twelve grandchildren.

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Wayne Gales

Jessica Argyle
Everybody’s Bar in
Key West: Tap That
The Brick Wahl
Mystery Series
(Book Five)

by Wayne Gales,
$3.99, ebook,
$14.95 paperback

After surviving a near fatal mob hit at the hands of a hired assassin, Russell Bricklin “Bric” Wahl return’s to Key West to open a bar. While recovering, Bric and his son Brody take a vacation to the Bahamas, where they re-discover the difficult life their Bahamian and English ancestors suffered through. Along the way they search for a fabulous horde of Civil War gold that they learn may be hidden somewhere in the Out Islands of the Bahamas. Bric finds love, and is finally ready to settle down after several people assure him that the people who have been trying to kill him for so many years have final called off the hit. Or have they?
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