2017 Editors' Picks

Here Are Our Favorite 2017 Books
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Following our annual tradition, we've asked our editors and publishing staff to pick their favorite AAeB books of the year.
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Our faves:

Hollis George (Editorial Director): I'm an old rule follower, so I'd recommend the following two titles, both outstanding literary triumphs.
  • Family Rules by Teresa Taylor. Katherine Gabrielli's problems revolve around the men in her life: the control freak, the psychopath, the rogue and the liar. All of them have led her into serious danger.
  • Rules of the Game by J.A. Irving.Cammie Rose finds an old photograph hidden in her father's den, she begins to question her family history and the truth about all the men in her life, including the one who is stalking her. 

Pamela Paige (Senior Editor): I'm a big fan of romance novels. Here are two I loved reading this year.
  • Deadly Politics (River Bend Chronicles # 10) by Renee Kumor.Life in River Bend has turned as bitter as the weather. A detective has been shot, three children are found abandoned, and a local politician has been murdered in a car bombing. But Lynn and Dusty still have their love.
  • Life, Love & Sex of the Newly Single Adult by Justin Maxwell. Newly widowed, Brian Demers goes to the Florida Keys to put his life back together, but on returning to northern climes he finds himself entranced with a lighthouse keeper's daughter.

Rosemary Mason: (Senior Editor): I enjoy reading cozy mysteries in my spare time. Give me a clever puzzler with likeable amateur sleuths and no bloody shootouts!
  • Cross Stitch (A Quilters Club Mystery) by Marjory Sorrell Rockwell.What does a meteorite, a murderer, and a wagonload of gold have in common? That is the puzzle Maddy Madison and her Quilters Club gal-pals are trying to figure out in this 10th book in my favorite cozy mystery series. You will love the residents of Caruthers Corners, Indiana.
  • Heat Until Boiling by Maryjane Elizabeth Jones. Three women in a small New England town run a catering business, but when customers start getting boiled to death, they have to solve the crime.

Edward Squires (Contributing Editor): This year I read a lot of fact-based books. Here are two that caught my attention.
  • The Hemingway Monologues: An Epic Drama of Love, Genius and Eternity, Part Four: The Man-Eaters by Brian Gordon Sinclair. This popular one-man stage play recounts the life of Ernest Hemingway in Cuba, Africa, and Spain.
  • Irma and Me (A Journal of Hurricane Irma's Impact on Key West) by Louis Petrone.Popular blogger Key West Lou shares his journal that records the evacuation from Key West during the recent Hurricane Irma disaster. Lots of startling photographs add to the chronicle.

H.L. Osterman (Senior Editor): Good writing, good storytelling. That's what turns me on!
  • Sunken Dreams (A Mark Daniels Mystery) by Justin Maxwell.Retired crime reporter Mark Daniels reads about the murder of a Florida Keys man, a man rumored to have discovered a fortune in sunken Spanish treasure. Mark gets involved as more people start to die and modern day pirates pursue the treasure.
  • Plain Crazy in Paradise: A Noir Western Love Song (Examinations of Paradise No. 3) by John Holt.John Wesley Gill, a poet who lives in the Sweet Grass Hills, struggles to come to grips with the changing West as he decides to resurrect his writing career through good deeds and very dark ones including murder. 

Frank Holtzer (Contributing Editor): Detective stories and war stories, that's the kind of action I like on my reading list.
  • Humpty Dumpty Goes Kersplat! by Gary Alexander.As the greenest private eye at the Aalborg Detective Agency, Bick Bates gets assigned a "nuisance file," a case nobody else wants to touch. A skid-row bum is still in a coma, the result of a mysterious mugging. Little did Bick expect his case to turn dangerous.
  • The First General Order by Robert Stave. A soldier's story, this is an accurate recreation of the Vietnam War when teenagers died in rice paddies.

Shirrel Rhoades (Publisher): As co-founder of the Mystery Fest Key West, I have a fondness for mysteries. Here are two I enjoyed both publishing and reading this year.
  • It's Always the Little Things by Randy Becker.A retired NYC Police Detective on her post-retirement train trip from New York to San Francisco with nothing to do for days ... until she is suddenly is thrust into suspicion, violence, and international intrigue. 
  • One Good Man by Del Staecker.This gritty hardboiled tale unfolds on the planks of two strikingly different boardwalks - Atlantic City and Ocean City, New Jersey. After four decades on the Shore's music scene, Joe Kontos is deceived, shot, and framed before discovering that it is not easy to be a hero.

Albert Kelley (Business and Legal Director):
  • Deep Air by Reef Perkins.During Hurricane Irma, I passed the time by enjoying the exploits of Quaid Butler and his crew in Deep Air by Reef Perkins  The perfect book to help forget about the issues of the day.

Chuck Newman (Technical Director and Associate Publisher): Mysteries are on my reading list.
  • Kilimanjaro Snow (Finn Pilar Mystery #3) by Lewis C. Haskell: Finn Pilar is a-Navy Seal drop out and former Key West Policeman who owns a bar in Key West. Trouble always seems to find Finn, this time in the person of a lovely but dead young woman.
  • Circle City Frame (A Circle City Mystery #3) by Bill Craig: Phillip Chandler is a former US Marshal turned Private Investigator. An old friend calls to tell him there is a dead woman in his living room things and Chandler can't help but take the job...

Diane Brady (Marketing Director): Female sleuths are always fun to follow as they solve crimes.
  • A Jamaica Conspiracy (A Will and Betsy Black Adventure) by David and Nancy Beckwith. The Blacks are back in this 4th book in the series. When Betsy accepts WB Banks offer for a temporary assignment in Jamaica, she and her husband take on shysters, thugs, and dishonest politicians in the Caribbean paradise.
  • The Wages Of Sin by Angela Jarvis.Detective Valerie Mason moved to the serenity of the Florida Keys to get away from big city crime, but her peaceful paradise is shattered when the body of a young woman is found on the island of Big Pine Key - the victim of a serial killer. 

George "Harley" Davidson (Associate Editor): As the owner of a rental property, this book has become my handbook. I practically sleep with it under my pillow. And this western mystery is the kind of cross-genre storytelling that grabs my attention.
  • Basics of . . . Florida's Landlord-Tenant Law by Albert L. Kelley, Esq. This handy reference provides a simple understanding of how Florida's Landlord-Tenant Law works. Everything you need to know whether you are an owner or a renter in the Sunshine State.
  • Death Rattle (An Arizona Bordwelands Mystery) by Carl and Jane Bock.Deputy Sheriff Calvin Creede doesn't like snakes, but there is a killer at large in the oak grasslands of southeastern Arizona whose weapon of choice is a deadly variety of rattlesnake. Can he and veteran herpetologist Dr. Hazel Smith trace the snakes from a mountain cave to a killer's lair?

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