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Jim Loy Promotes His New Book By Becoming a “Walking Sandwich Board”

James Loy, author of Fish Food and its wacky sequel Uncle Moe and the Martha’s Vineyard Frackers, sent us the following photograph with the message: “ Is this a good example of shameless self-promotion or what?”


          Jim Loy

We applaud Jim’s inventiveness. While Absolutely Amazing eBooks heavily promotes its authors and their books, we view the role of publisher and writer as a collaborative partnership. And anything an author can do to get his or her name out there — or a book’s — we encourage.

Lots of writers hand out business cards and book marks, or mail postcards, or give radio and TV interviews, or do book signings and book fairs, promote on their own website or Facebook page, or simply email all their friends begging for a review on Amazon … but the idea of a sandwich board (or T-shirts) is a notable one.

Jim Loy’s latest book is about Moe Thibault , a lovable octogenarian who sometimes thinks he’s Jacques Clouseau and who’s convinced he once had an identical twin. While living out his widower’s retirement in upstate New York, Moe is sent an obituary from Martha’s Vineyard with a photo of his apparent Doppelganger, a man named Leroi Uxem. Could this have been his long-lost brother? However, the appearance of energy prospectors intent on setting up a fracking operation offers a threat to the Vineyard. As a Senior Richter Minister of the Church of Seismology, Moe considers fracking to be a sin against the Earth and God – a deity who Moe believes is called Yolanda. Accordingly, he begins a campaign to stop the frackers before they can make a shambles of the island. His associates include Mike Uxem and his wife Nicki, Moe’s niece Velma Trailer, Artie Wetzo (a pal of Leroi’s), and Larry Hitch, Moe’s former business associate and the owner of a sex-obsessed monkey. Can they foil the frackers? Will Yolanda kick butt and take names like she did at Pompeii two millennia ago? If you like irreverent stories with zany characters, Uncle Moe and the Martha’s Vineyard Frackers just might be for you.

Better still, join the story from the beginning with Jim’s first novel, Fish Food.

You can find them both as ebooks ($3.99) or 6″ x 9″ trade paperbacks ($14.95) on the following sites: Absolutely Amazing eBooks, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and KoboBooks.

Simply click the link that best suits your ereader device and download the ebook instantly.


Etched In Stone Where the Buffalo Roam

An Epic American Story for Thanksgiving:   Etched In Stone Where the Buffalo Roam, 

A Tale That Ranges from Little Big Horn to  Buffalo Bill to Teddy Roosevelt to Howard Hughes
The Saga of Little Bear for Only $3.99
As a Thanksgiving gift to you Absolutely Amazing eBooks is releasing an epic novel from James R. Fox that sprawls across the American landscape and key points of history like a buffalo stampede — a large, entertaining historical tale titled Etched In Stone Were the Buffalo Roam.
And the ebook can be yours for only $3.99, a nearly $16 savings off the trade paperback edition. (Links to purchase it can be found at the bottom of this new release.)
Here’s how Jim Fox describes his latest work, indeed a magnum opus.
As the United States of America reformed to create a more perfect Union in the aftermath of the Civil War, now more than ever the West was the new frontier to be claimed. But the Native American tribes were not about to relinquish their sacred land without a fight. It would all culminate at the Battle of the Little Big Horn. The next day, a Chinaman working on the Trans-Continental Railroad, stumbles upon a newborn Indian boy while searching for fresh water. Lying beside the baby are the bodies of his murdered mother and sister. The boy is taken to a reservation where he is baptized and named Christian LaSalle. By sheer luck he meets his father at Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. Rain Cloud is a Lakota Sioux who was at the Little Big Horn. The boy at last knows his true name: Little Bear.
He will be torn, trying to live in the white man’s world as an Indian. And along the way he will encounter many famous personages, historical events, and action-packed adventures. It’s like Forrest Gump meets Little Big Man.
During the 496 pages of Etched In Stone Where the Buffalo Roam, Little Bear would travel to Ireland to meet the love of his life share in the troubles and eventually return to his garden of Eden in North Dakota, a gift from President Teddy Roosevelt for saving his life from a grizzly bear.
The book is a blend of the Old West and Ireland. “The Indians and the Irish have a strong connection in that they were forever being under siege,” observes Jim Fox. “Their way of life was tested time and again only to be acknowledged for their fortitude and endurance. When I traveled throughout Ireland, I felt a connection to where my ancestors trod. I sensed that perhaps a long-lost love sailed to America with intentions to one day return but never did. That was until I had Little Bear meet Oona Morrow and fall in love only to end in tragedy. But as in most Irish and Indian tales it is only fitting.”
Etched in Stone Where the Buffalo Roam can be instantly downloaded from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, KoboBooks, or Absolutely Amazing eBooks. Simply click on one of them to read it on you Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPad/iPhone, Galaxy Samsung, Blackberry, or whatever ereader device you have.
If you prefer ink-on-paper books, you can purchase the 6″ x 9″ trade paperback here.