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The Quilters Club Mysteries

Find Out Why Everybody Loves The Quilters Club Mysteries

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 Marjory Sorrell Rockwell is a bestselling author who had rather be stitching patchwork quilts than writing mysteries. But these whodunits seem to flow out of her like a grandmother telling stories to the family by the fireside.

You will love the small-town adventures of Maddy Madison and her Quilters Club pals — Cookie, Bootsie, Lizzie, and of course Maddy’s precocious granddaughter Aggie. Set in the small Midwestern town (pop. 2,574) of Caruthers Corners, Indiana, this gaggle of middle-age women and their families encounter crooked politicians, murderers, and bank robbers … while dealing with the town’s eclectic history of Indian fighters, witches, Vikings, the Underground Railroad, heritage quilt counterfeiters, Watermelon Festivals, and quarreling founding fathers!

These entertaining cozies have been runaway hits on Amazon, with some titles ranking #14 in the world for Mystery Cozies about Crafts. Great going, Marjory!

Recently, this star mystery writer released her 5th book in the Quilters Club Mystery Series, a heartwarming puzzler titled Sewed Up Tight.

Those quiltmaking gals are at it again, this time taking on the ghost of a forgotten town founder that reputedly roams the old Beasley Mansion, scaring people to death — literally. Based on “true facts” these stories explore the rich history of the Midwest and its easy-going peoples.

You can instantly download Sewed Up Tight for only $3.99 (ebooks readable on your Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPad/iPod, and other devices). Or you can own a 6″ x 9″ paperback for $14.95 each.

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But wait! If you’re not already a reader of the Quilters Club mysteries, you’ll want to catch up. To make that easy, AAeB has created a special bundle — the first four books in the series that lead up to Sewed Up Tight — for only $9.95.

Here you get The Underhanded Stitch, The Patchwork Puzzler, Hemmed In, and Coming Unraveled in one easy-to-read four-volume anthology.

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Readers love these gentle mysteries. Amazon reviewers have said:

  • “Think: Janet Evanovich. A light mystery that’s very satisfying.”
  • “A delightful combination of characters; especially love Grammy and Agnes. Marjory Rockwell sticks to business; no excess digressions. Anyone who enjoys a quick cozy will love this one!”
  • “I really love quilting mysteries, so I really enjoyed this book…great price and good mystery. I hope to read more by this author.”
  • “Well written, fun characters with realistic dialogue. I enjoyed reading it.”
  • “This is a pleasant series and very quick to read. Thanks to the author. I look forward to reading more Quilters Club Mysteries.”
  • “The characters are so much fun and one can identify with them if a quilter and mystery fan!”
  • “Loved the characters and the way they meshed together! Wish I had neighbors and friends like these; can hardly wait for the next adventure!”
  • “Wow! Love these mysteries! Just the right mix of mystery and entertainment, along with colorful characters and a fun setting in a small Midwestern town.”
  • “An easy read and just what I need to relax from a hectic schedule. Keep them coming. Real enjoyment.”
  • “Marjory Sorrel Rockwell really knows how to spin an entreating mystery that doesn’t need sex or raunchy language to make the story exciting!”
  • “I really enjoyed this cozy mystery. I like the characters in the quilt bee/private investigators. It was funny, interesting and an all-around good read. I recommend any of Marjory Sorrell Rockwell’s Quilters Club mysteries.”

And on they go, a growing group of fans who are hooked on these warm and likeable quasi-detectives who love to quilt.

So grab Sewed Up Tight (No. 5) right now. Or catch up quick with this specially priced bundle of the first 4 mysteries in the Quilters Club series.

Underhanded Stitch cover

We Ask the Critics

Online Critics Corner Picks Its   Five Favorite AAeB Books of 2014

 Absolutely Amazing eBooks has published some terrific books (both ebooks and paperbacks) this past year … but don’t take our word for it.

We called on a group of literary bloggers known as the Online Critics Corner and asked them to tell us which of our 100-plus books they liked best … and why.

Here are their insightful comments:



Hayes Brandwell picks Ebola by Dale Dapkins. “Talk about ‘ripped out of the headlines,’ this thriller shows AAeB can turn on a dime, by publishing this fact-based thriller before Ebola was an item on the nightly news. This little upstart publishing company is (as it describes itself) absolutely amazing when it comes to picking interesting topics.”


“New Concept …”

Byron Rupert McCafferty picks Beth Norvell/The Strange Case of Cavendish by Randall Parrish and H.L. Osterman. “This is a totally new out-of-the-box publishing idea that caught my imagination. A modern-day author paired up with an old-time pulp writer, updating a book for today’s readers. That unique concept was applied to the Western romances of Randall Parish, turning them into illustrated erotic Western thrillers. Adventure and sex, what more could a young man ask for?”

“Eye Candy …”

Marcy Birdweather picks After Life by Carol Tedesco, Roberta DePiero, and Jane Newhagen and Changing Tides by Alexandra Dietz. “I want to compliment AAeB for adding photography books to its lineup. These two books are Key West centric (the publishing company is based in this Southernmost City). One gives us images from the Key West Cemetery, the above-ground crypts, the eerie mausoleums, the stone angels and decorative cherubs, even the iguanas that inhabit the tumbledown tombs. The photographs are visually wonderful. The second book offers intimate portraits of the eccentric and interesting denizens of the island. These photos reflect a sure eye for characters and intriguing personalities. I’d like to encourage AAeB to publish more photography books; the editors seems to have a knack for discovering fresh new talent.”

“Information please …”

Nicolas Gilmartin Teranzi picks Basics of … books. “Since I’m usually more interested in factual books than fiction, I want to congratulate AAeB on its new how-to line, what could be described as its version of Idiot’s Guides. But these new books don’t treat readers like idiots; more as busy people looking for simple explanations. The eclectic choice of subjects – Business Law, Beekeeping, and even Pottery — indicates a wide-ranging reference series with plenty of surprises to come.”


“Bundling …”

Martha Griswold picks The Quilters Club Quartet by Marjory Sorrell Rockwell. “I’m a sucker for cozy mysteries, particularly puzzlers that remind me of Angela Lansbury in TV’s “Murder She Wrote.” That’s why I’ve become hooked of AAeB’s Quilters Club Mysteries by Marjory Sorrell Rockwell. But what I want to call out here is something quite new, the bundling of the first four books in the series into a single anthology. I hope the publisher will do this for its other series, providing an easy and affordable introduction for new readers.”


There you have it, the critics have spoken.

If you’d like to sample any of the above titles, you can download them in time for Christmas for only $3.99 each. Paperbacks are available too.

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Hayes, Byron, Marcy, Nick, and Martha


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