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Saturday Morning – Double Feature – Great Western Tales

Saturday Morning
Double Feature
Great Western Tales for as Little As
$2.99 an eBook!

Yippee-ki-yay, pardner! Remember when you used to spend Saturday mornings at the movie theater, taking in all those great ol’ Western double features?

Well, return with us to those thrilling days of yesteryear …

Absolutely Amazing eBooks brings you some great Western tales — new and old — for only $2.99 or $3.99 per ebook. Less than the cost of a glass of sassparilla.

For a light read in the traditional Western mode, try The Sheriff of Whisky Hollow by Mark Ryno. Follow the sheriff as he hunts down the meanest varmint in the Old West, that snake-eyed outlaw George Peele. You’ll feel like you’re sitting front row at the Saturday movies.

Or set your sights on this epic tale, Etched in Stone Where the Buffalo Roam by James R. Fox. Here you’ll follow an Indian brave (no, they weren’t “native Americans” quite yet) as he meets up with Buffalo Bill, Teddy Roosevelt, Howard Hughes, and other characters in this sprawling historical drama.

Want the good ol’ stuff — Western stories by Zane Grey himself? We got ‘em, double-books that give you two classic Westerns for less than the usual price of one. Zane Grey’s Two-Gun Tales #1 gives you The Last of the Plainsmen and The Last Trail, while Zane Grey’s Two-Gun Tales #2 offers up the groundbreaking Riders of the Purple Sage and The Rainbow Trail.

And if you like “revisionist history” we’ve launched a new series where H.L. Osterman retells those Western romances by Randall Parish as Erotic Western Thrillers. Take your pick — The Strange Case of Cavendish: Second Take or Beth Norvell: Second Take. A whole new concept in storytelling, the collaboration between a modern author and his long-ago counterpart.

The good news? You can instantly download an ebook that fits your ereader device. Simply click on or Barnes & or or

“A tidy collection of Westerns that will bring out the boy in you,” says Nick Teranzi of Online Critics Corner.


 Nicolas Gilmartin Teranzi

Marlow: Something Wicked Is Already a Bestseller!

Here’s the New Bill Craig Mystery You’ve Been Waiting For …

Marlow: Something Wicked Is Already a Bestseller!

You’ve probably become addicted to Bill Craig’s hardboiled private eye Rick Marlow. That’s why the series is an Amazon bestseller.

“Bill Craig’s Marlow books have developed quite a following. And I count myself among that number,” notes Mark Howell, former editorial director of Gold Eagle, the action-adventure division of Harlequin Books.

Marlow: Something Wicked is the 6th entry in the highly popular mystery series. And it marks Craig’s 46th published book. He published his first novel at age 40 and says it only took him 34 years to become an overnight success!

This time around (as the titled tells us) Marlow faces a very formidable adversary. A storm is approaching Key West and something wicked is blowing into town with it.  Tina Cord had been on the run from a psychopathic stalker when she arrived on the island.  Then she met Marlow.   Now he may be the only one that can keep her out of the stalker’s hands.  Lola Ponsberry, Walter’s secretary, had also arrived in Key West running from her past, and now it has caught up with her.  A maniacal child seeking vengeance has re-entered Walter Loomis’ life. Yes, something wicked has arrived on Key West.  The question is, who will survive?

You can be reading Marlow: Something Wicked in about thirty seconds if you click one of the following links to download an ebook:, Barnes&,, or The price of these Marlow novels is still only $3.99 each, less than the cost of many on-demand TV shows.

If your prefer a 6″ x 9″ paperback, click here. The ink-on-paper edition is only $14.95 — in keeping with Absolutely Amazing eBooks’ policy of making its books affordable.