A Calculated Conspiracy Ripped From Today’s Headlines!

David Beckwith Interviewed on Radio …
A Calculated Conspiracy Ripped From Today’s Headlines!


Author David Beckwith’s mysteries are only one degree from the headlines. Take A Calculated Conspiracy, for example.
This morning Beckwith was interviewed on 104.1 FM, U.S. 1 radio, talking with host Bill Becker about the case which was the inspiration for our adventure novel, A Calculated Conspiracy.
As Beckwith tells it, “The president of the company, who was extradited back from Honduras,  was convicted last week by a Federal jury of three counts of bank fraud and three counts of making a false statement to a financial institution. He will be sentenced Feb. 25 and will likely face decades in prison. Many of the officers of the corporation are already serving their plea-bargained sentences.


“This was the SEC’s third attempt to get a conviction in this long drawn-out case. The first trial failed due to the statute of limitations. The second trial resulted in hung jury after the defense successfully pled that market conditions in 2008 had been the cause the $300 million in losses instead of investor fraud. The government’s third try was successful. The plot of our book is fiction and not intended to be a recounting of the actual events which occurred in this case.”
A Calculated Conspiracy gives us Will and Betsy Black, a married couple somewhat reminiscent of Nick and Nora Charles of The Thin Man series or Jonathan and Jennifer Hart of Hart To Hart. Here, Will and Betsy take on a Ponzi scheme built around the Club Tropic resorts. Being financial expert, the couple suspects something amiss in the Florida Keys venture. Despite growing danger, they take a calculated risk in exposing this clever fraud.
A Calculated Conspiracy is the second book in The Will and Betsy Black Adventure series, started by David and Nancy Beckwith with A Hurricane Conspiracy. The third book in the popular mystery series — A Narcotics Conspiracy — will be published just before Christmas, a week or so away.
If you want to read A Calculated Conspiracy — or all three books — simply click here to instantaneously download the ebook version ($3.99 each) … or to purchase the 6″x 9″ paperback editions ($14.95 each).
You can also purchase the books — and learn more about David Beckwith — at the publisher’s online bookstore, Absolutely Amazing eBooks (AbsolutelyAmazingEbooks.com).

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