Bone Island Maggie Will Delight You Over the Holidays!

Meet a Grand Ol Gal!
Bone Island Maggie Will Delight You Over the Holidays!
A Wonderful Read for only $3.99 …
Pat Gregory has captured an accurate snapshot of Key West, the spit of land that the Spanish called Cayo Hueso — meaning “Bone Island.” Today it’s populated by wonderful and eccentric characters … like Bone Island Maggie.
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“Bone Island Maggie is as classic a Key West character as you are likely to meet either in a book or strolling Duval Street. Her smile may be toothless, but her bite certainly isn’t as she doggedly tracks down the brutal killer of an old friend. It’s a zany romp that puts Maggie and her faithful ex-Marine chauffeur on a trail that runs from Alabama Jacks on Card Sound Road to the family paladares of Havana,” says V. C. Weeks, author of Code of Honor.
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