Authors Drop In to Visit Publisher’s Island Headquarters

Authors Drop In to Visit Publisher’s Island Headquarters
Renee Kumor, Larry Lentchner, and Joyce deCordova 
are among the AAeB authors who have recently found
their way down to Key West
Maybe these talented authors really wanted to have a conference with Absolutely Amazing eBooks publisher Shirrel Rhoades … or maybe they came just because of where he lives … but a number of AAeB writer’s have recently visited Key West.
However, Absolutely Amazing eBooks being a virtual publishing company, with no brick-and-mortar office building, these meeting had to take place in more relaxing island-y locations.
Roberta DePiero, Shirrel Rhoades, and Renee Kumor at Harpoon Harry’s

As fans know, Renee Kumor is the creator of that popular romance series, The River Bend Chronicles. Recently she made a day trip to Key West, but found time to have coffee with Shirrel Rhoades and her cousin Roberta DePiero at Harpoon Harry’s, the legendary cafe near the waterfront. As it turns out, Roberta is one of the talented photographers behind After Hours: Images of the Key West Cemetery, also published by Absolutely Amazing eBooks under its New Atlantian Library imprint.

Larry Lentchner and the gardens at the Gardens Hotel
A few weeks later, Dr. Larry Lentchner and his wife made it down for a few days, but took time out to have a glass of wine with Shirrel and AAeB associate publisher Chuck Newman at the lovely Gardens Hotel. A professional psychologist, Larry is the author of a new book titled Onederland. This is his debut novel.
Shirrel Rhoades with Robert Coburn
Another recent visitor was Robert Coburn, author of the Jack Hunter Mysteries. As usual he met Shirrel Rhoades for breakfast at Croissant de France, an open-air eatery on Duval Street.
Joyce deCordova to visit the island of Key West
Scheduled to arrive in a few weeks is Joyce deCordova, one of the North Fork authors behind a short story collection titled 7 Voices. She and her friends have set aside a night for dinner with Shirrel and Chuck. If the IRS asks, they talked business.
About all these books:
In the first entry in the River Bent Chronicles – Small Town Secrets –Renee introduced us to Lynn Powers, a newcomer to town, and local police detective Dusty Reid. Then she tossed in some more fascinating characters, three murders, and a marriage. In the second entry — Taking A Chance — we follow the beginnings of the romance between Lynn and Dusty. Absolutely Amazing eBooks just published Season of Revenge, the 7th book in the ongoing series. More than 20 volumes in this saga are planned!
After Life: Images of the Key West Cemetery is a photographic collaboration between Roberta DePiero and Carol Tedesco. It offers a fabulous visual tour of the island’s historic graveyard, a hodgepodge of above-ground crypts and mausoleums. It’s fit for a coffee table.
In Onederland, Dr. Lentchner spins a tale about efforts to build a religious theme park. It’s a response to the terrorism we live with as a result of the conflicts in religious thought, principles and actions throughout the world. A fictional look at real-world problems. It will be available next week at your favorite online booksellers.
7 Voices is a wonderful collection of short fiction by members of New York’s North Fork Writers Group. The entertaining stories are as diverse as this talented coterie of authors. This book deserves a few literary awards, but we’ll settle for it being a good read!
All of these wonderful ebooks are available for only $3.99 each; or paperback editions can be purchased for $14.95 in most cases.
For the River Bend romances, click  here. For After Life, click  here. For the Jack Hunter mysteries, click here. Or for 7 Voices, click here.
You can be reading any of these books on your Kindle, Nook, Kobo, or Apple iPad within the next 30 seconds.
Then why not come on down to Key West and enjoy reading your book on the beach. Perhaps Shirrel Rhoades will buy you a margarita if he can find that lost shaker of salt.

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