Legal Thriller Author Hits #1 On Amazon with a Non-Fiction Book

Legal Thriller Author Hits #1
On Amazon with a Non-Fiction Book …
Fact or Fiction, Ben Kelley Will Keep You on the Edge of Your Seat to the Last Page!

 Ben Kelley
A longtime board member of the Center for Auto Safety and a founder of the Public Health Advocacy Institute at Northeastern University School of Law, Ben Kelley is a nationally known expert on auto safety policy.
Los Angeles Times has called Kelley a “pioneer in vehicle safety research.” He has appeared often as an expert witness before congressional committees and in lawsuits on behalf of people injured in car crashes.
Absolutely Amazing eBooks readers know him as the author of Coyle’s Folly, a legal thriller featuring a husband and wife team, Tim and Moira Coyle. This first entry in a new mystery series deals with a case seemingly close to home: An SUV rolls over, injuring twin girls. The automobile company’s test track results might just show fault, but these documents have disappeared. Can the lawyer and his paralegal wife prevail in this complicated case.
Reviewers have greeted Coyle’s Folly with “John Grisham move over” and “a must read.”
But in Ben Kelley’s non-fiction life he has written Death by Rental Car: The Houck v. Enterprise Case, an insider’s view of the six-year court battle following sisters Raechel and Jacqueline Houck’s death in a fiery crash while driving a Chrysler PT Cruiser belonging to Enterprise Rent-A-Car. The car was under recall at the time for a flawed brake hose.
Death by Rental Car immediately became the #1 Bestseller in the law/injury category on Amazon.
And Coyle’s Folly is holding its own, with customer reviews rating it at 4.5 out of 5 stars.
Coyle’s Folly and Death by Rental Car are available from Amazon. Simply click here to purchase either (or both) of Ben Kelley’s books — instantly downloaded to your Kindle or other ereader device. The ebook edition of Coyle’s Folly is affordably priced at $3.99, while the Death by Rental Car ebook is $9. The paperbacks are respectively $14.95 and $18.
While Absolutely Amazing eBooks only published Ben Kelley’s fictional thriller, we’re pleased to recommend his non-fiction work as well. With a foreword by consumer activist Ralph Nader, Death by Rental Car is well worth your reading — a factual legal battle that reads like a thriller.
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