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Legal Thriller Author Hits #1 On Amazon with a Non-Fiction Book

Legal Thriller Author Hits #1
On Amazon with a Non-Fiction Book …
Fact or Fiction, Ben Kelley Will Keep You on the Edge of Your Seat to the Last Page!

 Ben Kelley
A longtime board member of the Center for Auto Safety and a founder of the Public Health Advocacy Institute at Northeastern University School of Law, Ben Kelley is a nationally known expert on auto safety policy.
Los Angeles Times has called Kelley a “pioneer in vehicle safety research.” He has appeared often as an expert witness before congressional committees and in lawsuits on behalf of people injured in car crashes.
Absolutely Amazing eBooks readers know him as the author of Coyle’s Folly, a legal thriller featuring a husband and wife team, Tim and Moira Coyle. This first entry in a new mystery series deals with a case seemingly close to home: An SUV rolls over, injuring twin girls. The automobile company’s test track results might just show fault, but these documents have disappeared. Can the lawyer and his paralegal wife prevail in this complicated case.
Reviewers have greeted Coyle’s Folly with “John Grisham move over” and “a must read.”
But in Ben Kelley’s non-fiction life he has written Death by Rental Car: The Houck v. Enterprise Case, an insider’s view of the six-year court battle following sisters Raechel and Jacqueline Houck’s death in a fiery crash while driving a Chrysler PT Cruiser belonging to Enterprise Rent-A-Car. The car was under recall at the time for a flawed brake hose.
Death by Rental Car immediately became the #1 Bestseller in the law/injury category on Amazon.
And Coyle’s Folly is holding its own, with customer reviews rating it at 4.5 out of 5 stars.
Coyle’s Folly and Death by Rental Car are available from Amazon. Simply click here to purchase either (or both) of Ben Kelley’s books — instantly downloaded to your Kindle or other ereader device. The ebook edition of Coyle’s Folly is affordably priced at $3.99, while the Death by Rental Car ebook is $9. The paperbacks are respectively $14.95 and $18.
While Absolutely Amazing eBooks only published Ben Kelley’s fictional thriller, we’re pleased to recommend his non-fiction work as well. With a foreword by consumer activist Ralph Nader, Death by Rental Car is well worth your reading — a factual legal battle that reads like a thriller.
 ~ ~ ~
Visit the Absolutely Amazing eBooks online bookstore at — and browse through nearly 300 original titles. With a motto of “something for everybody,” you find genres ranging from mysteries to self-help, science fiction to romance, teens to travel, and more!

Authors Drop In to Visit Publisher’s Island Headquarters

Authors Drop In to Visit Publisher’s Island Headquarters
Renee Kumor, Larry Lentchner, and Joyce deCordova 
are among the AAeB authors who have recently found
their way down to Key West
Maybe these talented authors really wanted to have a conference with Absolutely Amazing eBooks publisher Shirrel Rhoades … or maybe they came just because of where he lives … but a number of AAeB writer’s have recently visited Key West.
However, Absolutely Amazing eBooks being a virtual publishing company, with no brick-and-mortar office building, these meeting had to take place in more relaxing island-y locations.
Roberta DePiero, Shirrel Rhoades, and Renee Kumor at Harpoon Harry’s

As fans know, Renee Kumor is the creator of that popular romance series, The River Bend Chronicles. Recently she made a day trip to Key West, but found time to have coffee with Shirrel Rhoades and her cousin Roberta DePiero at Harpoon Harry’s, the legendary cafe near the waterfront. As it turns out, Roberta is one of the talented photographers behind After Hours: Images of the Key West Cemetery, also published by Absolutely Amazing eBooks under its New Atlantian Library imprint.

Larry Lentchner and the gardens at the Gardens Hotel
A few weeks later, Dr. Larry Lentchner and his wife made it down for a few days, but took time out to have a glass of wine with Shirrel and AAeB associate publisher Chuck Newman at the lovely Gardens Hotel. A professional psychologist, Larry is the author of a new book titled Onederland. This is his debut novel.
Shirrel Rhoades with Robert Coburn
Another recent visitor was Robert Coburn, author of the Jack Hunter Mysteries. As usual he met Shirrel Rhoades for breakfast at Croissant de France, an open-air eatery on Duval Street.
Joyce deCordova to visit the island of Key West
Scheduled to arrive in a few weeks is Joyce deCordova, one of the North Fork authors behind a short story collection titled 7 Voices. She and her friends have set aside a night for dinner with Shirrel and Chuck. If the IRS asks, they talked business.
About all these books:
In the first entry in the River Bent Chronicles – Small Town Secrets –Renee introduced us to Lynn Powers, a newcomer to town, and local police detective Dusty Reid. Then she tossed in some more fascinating characters, three murders, and a marriage. In the second entry — Taking A Chance — we follow the beginnings of the romance between Lynn and Dusty. Absolutely Amazing eBooks just published Season of Revenge, the 7th book in the ongoing series. More than 20 volumes in this saga are planned!
After Life: Images of the Key West Cemetery is a photographic collaboration between Roberta DePiero and Carol Tedesco. It offers a fabulous visual tour of the island’s historic graveyard, a hodgepodge of above-ground crypts and mausoleums. It’s fit for a coffee table.
In Onederland, Dr. Lentchner spins a tale about efforts to build a religious theme park. It’s a response to the terrorism we live with as a result of the conflicts in religious thought, principles and actions throughout the world. A fictional look at real-world problems. It will be available next week at your favorite online booksellers.
7 Voices is a wonderful collection of short fiction by members of New York’s North Fork Writers Group. The entertaining stories are as diverse as this talented coterie of authors. This book deserves a few literary awards, but we’ll settle for it being a good read!
All of these wonderful ebooks are available for only $3.99 each; or paperback editions can be purchased for $14.95 in most cases.
For the River Bend romances, click  here. For After Life, click  here. For the Jack Hunter mysteries, click here. Or for 7 Voices, click here.
You can be reading any of these books on your Kindle, Nook, Kobo, or Apple iPad within the next 30 seconds.
Then why not come on down to Key West and enjoy reading your book on the beach. Perhaps Shirrel Rhoades will buy you a margarita if he can find that lost shaker of salt.

Third mystery in the Will and Betsy Black adventure series!

Just published is the third mystery in the Will and Betsy Black adventure series!
A perfect weekend read that you can instantly download for $3.99 …
“From the opening moments in their latest action adventure, when a Coast Guard drug interdiction goes horribly awry, David and Nancy Beckwith have done it again. It’s showtime in the Keys after drugs worth $500 million sink to the bottom of the straits and Will and Betsy Black swing into action. By cannily weaving cunning suspense with a setting the authors know deeply well, A Narcotics Conspiracy brings the Florida Keys to breathtaking life, unveiling the true character of a place and a people renowned for mixing great wealth with wild play.”  
- Mark Howell, author of Like a Rolling Stone.
In this third adventure Will and Betsy Black, those crime-solving financial whizzes find themselves curious when Geoffrey Oliver Watson III is found dead on his boat near Key West. And then a 50-foot go-fast cigarette boat nearly rams a Coast Guard cutter, raising more questions. The answer is drug smuggling. Can the husband-and-wife sleuths thwart the local drug lords?
Yes. And you’ll enjoy reading along as they do it.
“A charming crime-solving couple,” says H.L. Osterman, author of Short Changed. “A perfect weekend read,” adds William R. Burkett, Jr., author of the Rainy City mystery series.
The good news? You can start reading A Narcotic Conspiracy within the next 30 seconds. To instantly download the ebook edition simply click on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, KoboBooks, or Apple iBooks — or you can purchase the 6″ x 9″ trade paperback by clicking here.
Only $3.99 for the electronic edition; $14.95 for the traditional paper version. Less than the cost of a coffee and croissant.
And if you haven’t read the first two books in this entertaining series — A Hurricane Conspiracy and A Calculating Conspiracy — you can easily add them to the list.
David Beckwith is a third-generation native of Greenville, Mississippi, with a BBA and an MBA from Ole Miss. David spent 40 years in the securities business, the first half of his career with Bache & Co. and its successors, the second half with Morgan Stanley. David’s wife Nancy earned a doctorate in finance and was the largest commercial lender and underwriter for Florida National Bank/1st Union/Wachovia, a member of their President’s Club, and a board member. David and Nancy started writing the Will and Betsy Black Adventure Series in 2010. Their unique hook was that — like the books’ protagonists — the authors were also a happily married couple. After moving to Key West, the Beckwiths were tapped to write a book review column for the Key West Citizen, which David continues to produce on a weekly basis.
 David and Nancy Beckwith with author Robert B. Parker

New Year’s Celebration! with New Marlow Mystery

New Year’s
The Publication of a New
Marlow Mystery by Bill Craig:
Marlow Dark Waters
Ring in 2016 with a brand-new Marlow mystery by bestselling author Bill Craig, on sale today. This is the 7th book in the popular series about a private eye who plies his shady trade in sunny Key West. Behind the palm fronts and blood-red bougainvillea blossoms you will find murder.
In Marlow: Dark Waters we find that Vern Brisbane has been murdered after docking his shrimp boat. The Key West Police think it was a random killing, but Brisbane’s daughter Lilly disagrees. She hires Rick Marlow to look into the shrimper’s death and what he finds is a smuggling operation that is using shrimp boats to smuggle in both drugs and people. Not knowing who he can trust, Marlow must navigate the Dark Waters to get the man behind it all.
Yes, it’s another thrilling read, perfect for the kick-back-and-relax holidays.
Great news: You can download the ebook and start reading it RIGHT NOW. Or have the 6″ x 9″ trade paperback in your hands within days.
The ebook is only $3.99 — less than the price of a glass of New Year’s champagne — delivered instantly to your Kindle, Nook, Kobo, or Apple iPad. The paperback is $14.95. Simple click on the unlined link for the version you prefer.

Bone Island Maggie Will Delight You Over the Holidays!

Meet a Grand Ol Gal!
Bone Island Maggie Will Delight You Over the Holidays!
A Wonderful Read for only $3.99 …
Pat Gregory has captured an accurate snapshot of Key West, the spit of land that the Spanish called Cayo Hueso — meaning “Bone Island.” Today it’s populated by wonderful and eccentric characters … like Bone Island Maggie.
You can instantly download this ebook for only $3.99 … or own the 6″ x 9″ trade paperback for $14.95. Simply click Amazon or Barnes & Noble or KoboBooks or Apple iPad depending on your e-reader device. Or click HERE for the paperback edition.
“Bone Island Maggie is as classic a Key West character as you are likely to meet either in a book or strolling Duval Street. Her smile may be toothless, but her bite certainly isn’t as she doggedly tracks down the brutal killer of an old friend. It’s a zany romp that puts Maggie and her faithful ex-Marine chauffeur on a trail that runs from Alabama Jacks on Card Sound Road to the family paladares of Havana,” says V. C. Weeks, author of Code of Honor.
For more great ebooks and paperbacks be sure to visit the Absolutely Amazing eBooks online bookstore. No ebook priced over $3.99 — and some as low as 99-cents. You’ll find “something for everybody.”

Children’s Books A-Plenty!

eBooks and paperbacks for the children 
in your Life …
Instantly yours for $2.99 to $3.99
Give your children or grandchildren the gift of reading. Whether Read-To-Me or Read-Along, here are ebooks that will give them a head start … and you can download these titles RIGHT AWAY by clicking HERE … or by going to the Absolutely Amazing eBooks online bookstore. Each ebook costs less than a couple of candy bars … and don’t cause dental bills!
The Rooster Who Loved the Violin
By Ben Harrison,
Illustrated by Carrie Disrud,
$3.99 ebook, $11.95 oversized paperback
Here is a delightful children’s story brought to life by the collaboration of two artists with a flair for the fantastic. Ben Harrison sweeps readers through the lyrical tale of a violin player at an Italian restaurant and his struggles with an overly enthusiastic rooster, while Carrie Disrud’s vibrant paintings envelop viewers into the charming fable’s rich, island setting of Key West. This book will appeal to those who are too young to read and kids who are just getting the hang of it. It also includes a longer supplemental text about the real rooster encounter that inspired Ben to write the story, as well as fun photographs of local chickens around Key West.
The Adventures of Little Mouse
By Bill Craig
$3.99 ebook, $19.95 coffee table paperback
Do parents still read to their children at bedtime? Storytime can be a special bonding time for parent and child. The Adventures of Little Mouse is a collection of stories perfect for a parent or grandparent to share with their child, as it is based upon lessons Little Mouse has learned from Papaw Mouse. In the “Mystery of Christmas,” Little Mouse helps unravel the mystery of the holiday as he shares his home with Mary Mouse. In the “Wild Wolf” tale, Little Mouse seeks the staff of the Wizard, in order to ward off danger and keep his family safe. In “River Pirates,” Little Mouse shows the need for quick thinking and wise choices to outsmart the evil pirates. In “The Shadow of the Hawk” Little mouse uses his bravery and the self-defense skills taught to him by his father as he defends the small messenger bird from the deadly Hawk.
Ernest and Frederick’s Voyage
By Joel Biddle,
Illustrated by Pam Eden
$3.99 ebook, coffee table paperback $29.95
This is the tale of a city mouse and an apartment cockroach like none other. Frederick the mouse is plump and his friend Ernest the cockroach loves to eat marmalade. When they suddenly find themselves homeless, they set out to see the world. As columnist Mark Howell describes it: “Soon they will encounter a world of little houses and rolling roads in a world where (watch out!) the air smells of snakes. And just you wait until they meet humans . . .” A wonderful adventure for children of all ages.
Animals for ME!
Words by Rosemary Mason
Illustrations by Igor Zakowski
$2.99 ebook A basic primer about animals — in all their variety. Illustrated with fun cartoons that hold children’s attention. Told in simple, easy-to-remember rhyme that children love.
Not recommended for non-color e-readers.
Shapes for ME!
Words by Rosemary Mason
Illustrations by Igor Zakowski
$2.99 ebook
A simple primer designed to help preschoolers learn shapes. Illustrated with fabulous animals, it’s a book for parents to share with a young child. The colorful pictures will hold a youngster’s attention while identifying different basic shapes. Not recommended for non-color e-readers.
Colors for ME!
Words by Rosemary Mason
Illustrations by Igor Zakowski
$2.99 ebook
A simple Colors book designed to help preschoolers learn their colors. Illustrated with fabulous animals, it’s a book for parents to share with a young child. The colorful pictures will hold a youngster’s attention while identifying different basic colors. Not recommended for non-color e-readers.
123 for ME!
Words by Rosemary Mason
Illustrations by Igor Zakowski
$2.99 ebook
A simple 123 book designed to help preschoolers learn their numbers. Illustrated with funny dogs and zoo animals, it’s a book for parents to share with a young child. The colorful pictures will hold a youngster’s attention while sounding out his or her numbers. Not recommended for non-color e-readers.
ABC for ME!
Words by Rosemary Mason
Illustrations by Igor Zakowski
$2.99 ebook
A simple ABC book designed to help preschoolers learn their alphabet. Illustrated with fabulous animals, it’s a book for parents to share with a young child. The colorful pictures will hold a youngster’s attention while sounding out his or her ABC’s. Not recommended for non-color e-readers.

Editor’s Holiday Picks Ranges From Mystery to Romance

Twelve Days of Christmas!
Editor’s Holiday Picks Ranges From 
Mystery to Romance
Hollis George Lists His (And Your) Favorites
Readers look forward to the Reading List of Hollis George, the celebrated anthologist and editorial director of Absolutely Amazing eBooks and The New Atlantian Library.
While not exactly as influential as Oprah’s Book Club, Hollis George has been picking favorites since the mid ’60s when he was a book editor with a major newspaper. Over the years, he has moved to the other side of the desk, choosing books to be published, but his Reading List remains popular among those who have received it on an ongoing basis.
While Hollis usually does his picks in the Spring, we’ve encouraged him to tear a few months off his calendar and suggest some books you might want to read now.
We admit his picks are eclectic, the product of a wide-reaching and broad-thinking mind. Nonetheless, we never fail to find a book or two that appeals to our own reading tastes.
Herewith are the AAeB titles that are stacked on Hollis George’s bedside table. The comments are his:

1. Coyle’s Folly

by Ben Kelley. Not since early John Grisham have I enjoyed a legal thriller so much. Can’t wait for the next book in this new courtroom series. Here a determined attorney named Tim Coyle and his paralegal assistant (his wife Moira) take on a big automotive company hiding crash test results. Even if you see the ending coming, it has some unexpected surprises.

2. The Dark End of the Rainbow by J.E, Irvin. How could any whodunit fan pass up this First Place Winner in the annual Jeremiah Healy Mystery Writing Competition? Detective Joe Zetts must solve the puzzle when a teenage druggie disappears with the high school principal’s newborn baby. This book deserves its Jerry bobble-head statuette.

3. Square Grouper by Lewis C. Haskell. This was a runner up in the Jerry Awards, a tight mystery by a new talent. Here you’ll meet Ernesto ‘Finn’ Pilar, a former Navy SEAL who has packed it in to kick back in Key West. That is, until a run-in with drug smugglers (“square grouper” is the name for bales of marijuana floated ashore) requires his special training to clean up the mess.


4. A Footnote to History by William R. Burkett, Jr. This sci-fi master returns with a time travel tale that yo-yo the reader on from a newlywed’s death to his life as a clone in a battle between future and past.  Burkett delivers the irony of “the rule of unintended consequences.”

5. The Karma Chronicles: The Coming and The Second Coming by C.J. Daniels. A new science fiction voice, Daniels proves he’s a fan of classic sci-fi with this two-book introduction to a boy with the ability to avoid death by reincarnating himself and his spirit-guide dog. Yes, they must save the world.


6. Lost Planets and Rediscovered Science Fiction Manuscripts edited by Shirrel Rhoades. While we’re talking sci-fi, let’s not overlook this important anthology, a collection of all-but-lost or forgotten short stories by such writers as Ray Bradbury, John W. Campbell, Philip K. Dick, C.J. Daniels, and William R. Burkett, Jr. Even a once-anonymous scientification story by Edgar Allan Poe.

7. Zoo in a Book edited by George Davidson. Okay, I’m a sucker for animal pictures and this first title in the new Look-See series has animals a-plenty! But much more important is the subtle message that this is a better way to view exotic animals than keeping them caged in a zoo.

8. Chandler: Circle City Slam by Bill Craig. One of Craig’s bestselling mysteries is always on my nightstand. Usually it’s one of his Marlow books, but I have to admit I’m becoming a fan of his new Chandler series, a hardboiled dick working in Circle City (that’s Indianapolis to you).

9. Bad Tidings by Robert Coburn. To think, only a couple of years ago, Coburn was a retired adman dividing his time between traveling and playing the saxophone. Now he’s a hot new mystery writer with two series going — the Jack Hunter stories and this one, tales of Sheriff JT Wainscot of St. Julian Parrish, in the backwaters of Louisiana. Here he tackles a murder at Raquelle Harbor’s annual Pirates Festival.

10. The Mortician’s Road Trip by James D. Loy. If you like picaresque mysteries with a touch of lunacy, you’ll want to read this tale about a funeral home director who makes spare change by selling human skulls. They make great candleholders!

11. A Book of Facts: a novel by G.R. Alexander. Not your typical storytelling approach, this novel is told A to Z. As I said in an early review, “You’ll have a hard time pigeonholing this book. But you’ll be talking about this innovative work for weeks after you finish reading it.” Try it.

12. Season of Revenge by Renee Kumor. Being that it’s almost Christmas, I have to toss in a holiday offering. This is the seventh book in the River Bend Chronicles and to my surprise I’m getting involved in the lives of Lynn Powers and her friends and neighbors. At first I thought this series was simply going to be a tale of romance for woman, but after a few murders, betrayals, and heartwarming surprises I was hooked.

Thanks, Hollis. Nice to know what keeps your Kindle Fire blazing at night.
Twelve titles, twelve days of Christmas.
Twelve quick Christmas or Hanukah presents for your friends … or yourself!
All of these titles, of course, can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, KoboBooks, Apple iTunes, or go to the Absolutely Amazing eBooks online bookstore . . . (or simply click All of these ebooks are priced at only $3.99 each. And paperback editions are available too.
- Shirrel Rhoades

A Calculated Conspiracy Ripped From Today’s Headlines!

David Beckwith Interviewed on Radio …
A Calculated Conspiracy Ripped From Today’s Headlines!


Author David Beckwith’s mysteries are only one degree from the headlines. Take A Calculated Conspiracy, for example.
This morning Beckwith was interviewed on 104.1 FM, U.S. 1 radio, talking with host Bill Becker about the case which was the inspiration for our adventure novel, A Calculated Conspiracy.
As Beckwith tells it, “The president of the company, who was extradited back from Honduras,  was convicted last week by a Federal jury of three counts of bank fraud and three counts of making a false statement to a financial institution. He will be sentenced Feb. 25 and will likely face decades in prison. Many of the officers of the corporation are already serving their plea-bargained sentences.


“This was the SEC’s third attempt to get a conviction in this long drawn-out case. The first trial failed due to the statute of limitations. The second trial resulted in hung jury after the defense successfully pled that market conditions in 2008 had been the cause the $300 million in losses instead of investor fraud. The government’s third try was successful. The plot of our book is fiction and not intended to be a recounting of the actual events which occurred in this case.”
A Calculated Conspiracy gives us Will and Betsy Black, a married couple somewhat reminiscent of Nick and Nora Charles of The Thin Man series or Jonathan and Jennifer Hart of Hart To Hart. Here, Will and Betsy take on a Ponzi scheme built around the Club Tropic resorts. Being financial expert, the couple suspects something amiss in the Florida Keys venture. Despite growing danger, they take a calculated risk in exposing this clever fraud.
A Calculated Conspiracy is the second book in The Will and Betsy Black Adventure series, started by David and Nancy Beckwith with A Hurricane Conspiracy. The third book in the popular mystery series — A Narcotics Conspiracy — will be published just before Christmas, a week or so away.
If you want to read A Calculated Conspiracy — or all three books — simply click here to instantaneously download the ebook version ($3.99 each) … or to purchase the 6″x 9″ paperback editions ($14.95 each).
You can also purchase the books — and learn more about David Beckwith — at the publisher’s online bookstore, Absolutely Amazing eBooks (

12 Science Fiction Books That Are Intergalactic Bestseller

Yours today for only
$1.99 to $3.99
The first successful Mars Rover — called Sojourner/Pathfinder — was launched on this day, December 4, 1996. It landed successfully on Mars on July 4, 1997. Hundreds of thousands of people watched its Mars landing as it was broadcast live on the Internet.
In honor of this date in space history we are featuring some of our favorite science fiction books — all instantly downloadable, or as space-worthy 6″ x 9″ trade paperbacks.
To purchase any of these sci-fi bestsellers from Absolutely Amazing eBooks, simply click here. Or go to Amazon.
Edison’s Conquest of Mars 
by Garrett P. Serviss,
$2.99 ebook; $14.95 paperback
Thomas Edison in outer space? A steampunk retelling of history? Martian invaders? Yes, it’s all here in this sci-fi classic written in 1898. This unique edition is illustrated by nearly one hundred and fifty photographs that take us from Earth to the Moon to Mars and back, as the famous inventor and his ragtag crews stave off an alien invasion. Great fun!
The Coming
(The Karma Chronicles)
by C.J. Daniels,
eBook $3.99, paperback $14.95
Sam Rossi has protected the world for 800 years from The Coming, and he wasn’t going to let a little thing like death get in his way. Blessed, or cursed with the ability of reincarnation and total recall of his past lives, Sam fights to protect humanity from the Board and its plan to destroy all life on Earth. The recent appearance of his canine spirit guide signals trouble of the apocalyptic kind. The clock is beginning to tick on the end of all life on Earth. Sam must find the true meaning of The Coming and stop it before his karma runs dry.
The Second Coming
(The Karma Chronicles)
by C.J. Daniels,
$3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
Sam Rossi saved the world, forcing Jacob Magnus and the few surviving members of the Board into hiding. He’d hoped this last death would have stopped the Coming that was set to end the existence of all mankind. Unfortunately, he’d only delayed the inevitable. Now, the fallen and the demons of legend were freely crossing the decaying barrier between dimensions, drawn by the unearthly pull of Jacob Magnus. Twenty-five years later, a new Board, rechristened the Conclave, has been built on the ruins of the old. This time, however, the vindicitive and sinister Magnus has grander plans.
A Footnote to History
(Volume One)
by William R. Burkett, Jr.,
$3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
If the armadillo hadn’t crossed the moonlit road at that specific moment in 1967, the newlywed couple would not have died in a car crash. The 3092 search algorithm would not have substituted a perfect clone for the husband in the moment of his fiery death. He would not have been taken out of Time to be trained for a lethal mission by the last, best leader of the Terran Service. But the rule of unintended consequences governs. Cascading anomalies proliferated around that moment on the moonlit highway and the orderly flow of Time would never be the same … if it ever was to start with.
A Matter of Logistics
(Volume One)
by William R. Burkett, Jr.,
$3.99 ebook; $14.95 paperback
After being banished into deep space and forgotten, these outcasts made contact with alien species and raised a great army for their return. But an ensuing stalemate between the forces required new tactics. So the enemy infiltrated the isolated planet as stealthily as a virus and like a virus was mutating the native beings for the enemy’s use. And they recruited a penetration agent of peculiarly powerful mental abilities, built him a perfect clone body, and sent him to find out if the infection was so advanced they might have to kill the host by destroying the planet that its inhabitants called Earth . . . It was simply a matter of logistics!
Sleeping Planet,
(50th Anniversary Edition)
by William R. Burkett, Jr.,
$3.99 ebook; $14.95 paperback
Science Fiction Encyclopedia described this as a “hard-edged” tale of the 24th-century conquest of Earth by an alien empire the humans had judged too stupid to pull off such a coup. Only a handful of humans escaped the effects of a mutated narcoleptic drug that put humanity into protracted hibernation. The battle to liberate Earth is fought by those few with the aid of a vengeful ghost called “Gremper” by the aliens. The action is fast and furious, while the genius general of the invading fleet goes slowly insane at the disruption of his well-laid plans. “A natural-born storyteller,” said bestselling author Frank G. Slaughter. A classic reprint of a sci-fi masterpiece.
Lost Planets
(And Rediscovered Science Fiction Manuscripts)
edited by Shirrel Rhoades,
$3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
Forget about being lost in space. Many of the sci-fi short stories in this never-before-published anthology have been lost in file cabinets, desk drawers, and attics. Here are 16 new and/or all-but-unknown futuristic tales by such masterful science fiction writers as Ray Bradbury, John W. Campbell, Philip K. Dick, C.J. Daniels, and William R. Burkett, Jr. Even a once-anonymous scientification story by Edgar Allan Poe. Mindbending entertainment at less than two bits a story. “Like discovering new planets,” says Bryon Rupert McCafferty, pop culture guru of Online Critics Corner.
Ancient Code of the Universe
by James Darango,
$3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback 
The universe is controlled by power. But, who is the “power” behind the controlling? The story begins with a “Being” explaining to the “Authority” why an atrocious event has occurred. The event starts when two people, Joseph’s wife, Maria, gives birth to a baby named “Infant Boy.” Another entity named Keeper feels threatened by this Infant Boy. Keeper wants to assure that the products of the “experiment” flourishes for his gain. So, Keeper sends Infant Boy on a mission. The mission goes awry and Infant Boy time-travels to faraway lands. He discovers a secret mountain harboring a genetic experiment which is being conducted by alien beings. Who are these aliens?
Blue Moon
by Dale Dapkins,
$3.99 ebook; $14.95 paperback
Science fantasy at its most imaginative. This is the only Toriik-authorized biography of Albert Einstein written in 2045. A troubling social science fiction account of damage inflicted by Albert Einstein during his stay on Earth in the twentieth century. Taking place in New Orleans, a mother, her grown son and his friends become entangled in a series of coincidences threatening future life on Planet Earth.
The Renewables
by Chuck Van Soye,
$3.99 ebook; $14.95 paperback
Clay and Jennie Evans, an aged couple celebrating their 54th wedding anniversary on a trip to Florida, stumble into a mythical reality and are reborn as teenagers overnight. Their immediate joy soon turns to confusion as they are forced to deal with an unbelieving world. Help eventually comes along from members of a secret society, ultimately leading them into the adventure of their lives within a remote African village. Dodging death while preserving Kenyan native life, the couple returns months later to their Alabama home where they uncover the science behind their newfound youth, potentially leading all humanity to longer healthier life. “A science-fiction fantasy written with the wonderment we use to used to love in those classic pulp magazines … yet as up-to-date as modern-day hydrogeology!” says H. L. Osterman, editor of Time Travel and Other Science Fiction Journeys.
Time Travel 
and Other Science Fiction Journeys 
(Volume 1)
edited by H.L. Osterman
$2.99 ebook
A timely collection of classic pulp magazine stories about time travel. You will delight in this trip back to the Golden Age of Science Fiction and other years when writers’ imaginations knew no limitations as they considered this mind-bending sci-fi theme.
End of the World:
Science Fiction’s Dark Threat
edited by Hollis George
$1.99 ebook
If you’re reading this, the Mayan prophecies didn’t come true – the world didn’t end on December 21, 2012. Nevertheless, science fiction writers have been chronicling future apocalypses for years. Those fictional accounts of future disasters that appeared in pulp magazines now have been collected into one volume. The spine-tingling stories are for brave sci-fi fans who dare to read with a flashlight under the covers.

Winners Of the 2015 National Book Awards

 These Are The Winners Of the 2015 National Book Awards

Congrats to all!

The 2015 National Book Awards took place on Wednesday, where writers convened to celebrate some of the most notable books to be published this year. Satirist Andy Borowitz hosted the event, making quips between the announcements of the honorees and winners. A National Book Award nomination can provide a big boost for a writer’s career, so each of the nominees in attendance were rightfully spotlighted. Below are the winners for each category.
Adam Johnson, Fortune Smiles: Stories
Ta-Nehisi Coates, Between the World and Me
Neal Shusterman, Challenger Deep
Robin Coste Lewis, Voyage of the Sable Venus
In the past few years, the awards have recognized both decorated and emerging writers in near-equal measure. Last year, Phil Klay won in the fiction category for his debut short story collection about American war veterans and soldiers in Iraq. In poetry, storied writer Louise Glück took home the award for her collection Faithful and Virtuous Night.
This year in particular has run the gamut of writers who are new to the game, and those who are finally earning due recognition. The fiction nominees include a Pulitzer winner and a debut novelist who was also recognized as one of this year’s 5 Under 35 nominees. And — kudos to the fiction judges, who include Daniel Alarcón and Laura Lippman — four of the five shortlist nominees were women.
So, even if the awards don’t always correlate with a spike in book sales — although in the case of last year’s winners, they did – they at the very least recognize the important work being done by a diverse range of writers.
In addition to this year’s prizewinners, author Don DeLillo was honored for his body of literary work with the Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters. According to the National Book Foundation’s Board of Directors, “DeLillo is being honored for a diverse body of work that examines the mores of contemporary modern American culture and brilliantly embeds the rhythms of everyday speech within a beautifully composed, contoured narrative.”
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