Two Spooky Tales For Halloween!

Two Spooky Tales
For Halloween!
Two of Our Top Authors Recount
Bone-chilling Stories of Terror …
(Both Are Based on True Events)
Pull the covers up to your chin and prepare to be scared! For Halloween we’re touting two novels you won’t be able to put down: Just Us by John L. Guerra and Skook by William R. Burkett, Jr.
Both authors swear these stories have an element of true events in them. Yes, eerie things happen in life.
Just Us: Horror In a Small Maryland Town tells of two brothers who move with their mother to a lonely house in small town in Maryland. That’s when things start to go wrong. Can the place be haunted? Is there a poltergeist connecting to one of the brothers?
“Scared the pants off me,” writes H.L. Osterman, author of Short Changed.
Skook deals with cryptozoology, not paranormal. Up in the Pacific Northwest, folks whisper about big hairy human-like creatures they call Skooks. Others might refer to them as Sasquatch, or Big Foot. A down-on-his-luck ex-newspaperman lives there on the plateau with his family, not far from the Gorge where strange sightings take place. When his son is kidnapped by one of these mysterious creatures, he hunts it down and retrieves his son. But according to an old mountaineer known as Joe Consonant, the boy is “marked” and the mysterious visitors will come back for him. Is a 30.06, a trusty dog, and an elephant bell enough to protect his family? Maybe not.
“I literally got this book because I liked saying the title – over and over again. Drove my kids crazy,” says Hunter Shea, author of paranormal books on the web. “Turns out this is a damn fine story about a man and his young son and the terrifying encounters they have with a posse of Skooks – which, of course, are Sasquatches. There’s actually a generations-old agreement between the Skooks and ‘chosen’ humans who live in relative peace, but sometimes lines are crossed. There is an attack at a cabin that actually left me breathless. Worth it for that scene alone. 4 out of 5 squatch prints.”
Skook and Just Us — read them both! Only $3.99 each for the ebooks; or $14.95 for the 6″ x 9″ trade paperback.
Click here to instantly down load Skook. Or here for Just Us.
“You’ll keep the lights on at night after reading these excellent thrillers,” says Hollis George, editor of Bram Stoker, Without Fangs.

Blood of Our Children Will Stop You In Your Tracks

Another Great Novel from Paul Wolfe
Blood of Our Children Will Stop You In Your Tracks …
“As a parent, I couldn’t put it down,” says Martha Griswold (Online Critics Corner)
                                                                                              Paul Wolfe
While the young man known as Angel and his ragtag group of hopeless, homeless, futureless, and youth-less children of the streets battle the pimps and their own inner demons in the basements, alleys and deserted parks of New York, Anneke stands beside them. Anneke is the indomitable woman who looked at the kids the world had forgotten and said she would never forget them. As the young man known as Angel and his ragtag group of strays and castaways battle the streets, the pushers, the pimps and their own inner demons in the basements, alleys and deserted parks of New York, Anneke stands beside them. Even as it all spirals out of control to a breakneck conclusion. Not for the faint of heart, but definitely for the big of heart.
“If you’ve read Paul Wolf’s magnificent Postcards From Atlantic City, you’ll be as eager as I was to read Blood of Our Children, his novel about a group street children and the woman who protects them from harm. Wolf can certainly hold your interest with his storytelling skills,” says Rosemary Mason, former feature writer for Florida Times-Union.
You can instantly download the ebook for only $3.99; or buy the paperback edition for $14.95. Simply click here to select the version for your ereader.
Also from Paul Wolfe …
You will want to read this author’s loving tribute to the Boardwalks of Atlantic City with this wonderful multi-layered novel that reviewers call “a must read,” “a fascinating book,” and “a love letter to Atlantic City.” One fan writes, “There’s sex, a caper, and more stylish writing per page than you have any right to expect.”
Here’s an excerpt that will make you want to keep reading …
Atlantic City
The dynamite man looked out to sea.
Waves of grey Atlantic surf pounded the sands of southern New Jersey, sculpting the beach in a geometry of turmoil. He could see the empire of water breathing before him, stretching to the limits of the horizon, indifferent to the task of destruction at hand.
The wires had been laid, like death veins through the body of the ancient hotel. The plunger was active. Safety fences had been stretched from Park Place to Ohio Avenue, bearing signs: No Trespassing. Property condemned by order of Governor Brendan Byrne.
Then the man looked down, and as his watch read 4:01, he pushed the lever. The Marlborough Blenheim exploded. To cameramen filming from the sea, it seemed a mushroom-shaped cloud had risen like a vaporous umbrella over the boardwalk, an Alamogordo by the beautiful sea.
For an instant the hotel hung in space, a vast assembly of bricks and ghosts riding the air of New Jersey in seeming disbelief of its destiny. Then gravity triumphed, and it was over. The building materials that had so long ago become a hotel, became building materials again, and then rubble. The Marlborough Blenheim lay, a colossus of ruins at the intersection of history, Boardwalk and Park Place.
JFK arranged his own assassination.
His brain was withering. His nervous system engulfed itself. Pain leaped the barricades of medicine and clawed silently into the root molecules of his body: a terrifying, degenerative disease, endured secretly in the sanctum of world power. He needed to end it cleanly and swiftly. He needed to spare the Republic the nightmare of a shining leader’s slow fade to oblivion. He devised a plan. An ingenious plan. A conspiracy perpetrated on itself.
Factions from the CIA. Anti-Castro Cubanos, bitter from betrayal at the Bay of Pigs. Operatives scoured up from the bowels of the FBI. Capo regimes from the Marcello family in New Orleans, arranged through Sam Giaconda, who shared a woman with the President and now death. It was a conspiracy of overlapping, redundant assassination systems, each fragment ignorant of the other, so that their shadows would haunt history, but their strands would never be unraveled.
Florence Chansen stood in the empty store reading The National Star. She enjoyed stories like this, the strange, exciting revelation of the secret truth that underlay things. They seemed to connect the pieces of some vast, intractable puzzle. So much was beyond her grasp now.
The tabloid was spread before her on the knotty pine counter, a relic now, as Chansen’s Store itself was a relic, with Harry in the graveyard over in Margate six years now and the City gone all to hell. Once the store had boomed, a vital emporium of postcards and stationery in the World’s Playground by the Sea. Once Chansen’s sold books; Atlantic City tourist books, of course, because no one came here for literature. They sold newspapers (she would seize the first copy of the National Star and Harry would ask her what she thought the customers would read.) They sold cigarettes. Harry broke open a pack of his beloved Raleigh’s each day to banter with the morning men coming in for papers and smokes. Even Skinny D’Amato bought his cigarettes here: Skinny, so handsome, so regal, the King of Atlantic City. His 500 Club down the block ruled the world, it was a second home to Frank himself, and the launch pad for a couple of knuckleheads named Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.
That was then. The store continued, as if from force of habit, even as the people around it started vanishing. The store stayed open, but Atlantic City closed. The rowhouses along Atlantic and Pacific disintegrated, and the porches slowly sank along Fifth Street, where Chansen’s stood at Number 857. Black men in undershirts took over the streets, sitting on boxes and kitchen chairs without backs, gazing bloodshot with swallowed anger at streets where traffic had ceased to flow. The souls that remained in Atlantic City had no need of cards, or stationery, or books. Even the new breed, the slot jockeys and craps wizards who had come with the gambling, had no need of printed matter, though she did sell two copies of How To Win at Blackjack, by Ken Uston, the half-Caucasian, half -Japanese financial genius who stormed Atlantic City in the wake of legalization and seized hundreds of thousands from the casinos before they barred him.
So she shuffled through the empty store these days, as people no longer driven by imperatives of children or financial survival shuffle through their lives, keeping busy in small, arbitrary ways as an alternative to stopping altogether. She no longer distinguished the store from her private apartment upstairs. Both levels of the building exuded soul-coddling familiarity.
But it would soon change. Of this she was certain. The casinos would resurrect Atlantic City, and the golden days would return. Resorts International came first, and was already pulling in a million dollars a day. A million dollars. Caesar’s was Number Two. And now they were breaking ground at the most famous address in the world, Boardwalk and Park Place, even if it was only the most famous address in the world in a board game: With the coming of legalization, building sites up and down the Boardwalk had been seized. Construction fences stared the death of Atlantic City boldly in the face. Multi-national logos winked flamboyantly at the Atlantic Ocean: Hilton. Bally. Penthouse. Playboy. The big boys had come to town, and if the Golden Days weren’t on their way back, she reasoned, the Good Days certainly were.
Florence remembered the day she saw Jane Russell walk the boardwalk. She was hidden in red scarf and sunglasses, but who wouldn’t recognize those breasts? Yes, the bigwigs would return, and the business would follow. Chansen’s would place orders again with Hallmark; wedding cards, bar mitzvah cards, birthday cards. She would sell magazines and newspapers again. She’d need help. A young person with moxie she could trust, someone who wanted to make something of his life, starting small in a good business, and who knows where it could lead?
Her body had decayed in parallel with the city around her. Gravity, unopposed by any counter-initiatives of the spirit, sank the contours of her face. A spider web of lines was etched on skin deprived of oxygen by Pall Malls, the long, unfiltered Pall Malls in the beautiful red pack, and afterward, in a slight bow to her times, filtered ones, a strange brand called Lark. They made her cough brown. She rubbed a mole on her chin, and waited for The Resurrection of the City. As she waited, she read her tabloid in peace by the old Nichols & Ballway cash register.
A 90-year old woman had given birth to triplets in England, she read, when the entrance door rang jarringly, signaling the arrival of a customer. She was startled by the intrusion, so rare these days. A young man entered, seeming to Florence as if a god had entered the barren air of her near-deserted store. The strikingly handsome face, hormones pumping vigorously through a young body, all a counter-force to the death that spread like netting over western Atlantic City. Lost in the vapors of her tabloid, Florence Chansen didn’t answer when he asked if she was open.
He is a very polite boy, she thought to herself. This was how young people should be. She nodded mechanically and then, devoid of inflection, she asked if she could help him.
“Got any books about the history of Atlantic City? I can’t find one anywhere, not even in New York. It’s weird.”
She shrugged and aimed a bony finger at the dusty shelves in to the rear.
“You visiting?” Vaguely remembered social graces slipped slowly into place.
“No, I’m an architect, working on the Bally Park Place Casino. You know where that is, right?”
“Of course, Boardwalk and Park Place, over by the old Marlborough-Blenheim. What a shame. To tear down such a beautiful hotel. We used to have dinner there every year on our anniversary. The Neptune. Now that was a restaurant. First-class. Waiters all had these smart uniforms. Maroon I think, like soldiers with those things on the shoulders, the tassels. I don’t know what you call them. The stones came all the way from Arabia.”
“It is a shame,” the young man agreed. “I work for the firm that’s building the new casino. They say the Blenheim was too far gone to save, too expensive to rescue. They’re probably just looking for the shortest distance to a field of slot machines.”
“It’s no good. Everyone will come to no good. You don’t tear down a wonder of the world like that.”
Maybe she was right. Vince Lopez, head of construction, had suddenly dropped dead of a heart attack two weeks ago, dancing at Pepi’s Lounge. Maybe there was a curse on this whole venture.
“No good will come out of it.”
She told him to help himself and he wandered to the back of the store, to a shelf of old tourist books that had been laid to rest in the dust of a metal shelf. He came upon a thin soft covered booklet called Kingdom by the Sea, by Amos Toland. The Marlborough Blenheim Hotel stood shining on the cover, a Moorish fantasy from 1001 Nights drenched in morning light, and a yellow starburst proclaiming 35 cents blazed like an Arab sun beside the minarets.
“I didn’t know that was there,” Florence said, staring strangely at the cover like a man uncovering a rare fossil in his picnic basket. “Hunh, you never know what you have. I got postcards too.”
“Yeh, somewhere, the old postcards, from years back.”
“I’d like to see them,” he said, and she shrugged, shuffling toward the old, wood-stained door that led to the basement. He opened the book at random:
The Marlborough Blenheim was built in 1905. In the heyday of Atlantic City, it was the home of royalty by the sea. King Farouk stayed in the Emperor’s suite with his French mistress. A sultan with nine wives camped out one summer. The Miss America contest called it home from 1945 through 1953. The world-famous Fountain of Neptune was carved in Italy using aquamarine marble and shipped to America in 200 pieces. It took two months for workers to assemble it.
Florence returned with a dusty box of marbleized cardboard. It was filled with postcards, the old sort of cards that resembled tiny paintings and always smelled of some forgotten past we somehow lost track of, stiff and colorized. Hotels floated past as the cards were turned — the Dayton, the Mermaid, the Dennis. He saw the boardwalk, the beach, a package of Turkish taffy, carriages circumambulating the boardwalk, bathing beauties long dead, and, in wide variety of lights, the Marlborough Blenheim, the hotel that died to make way for his new job as assistant field architect on Atlantic City’s third casino.
“I have to charge you a quarter a piece,” she said, not knowing why she asked so much from such a nice young man. But his heart was racing as he wandered through the antique pictures.
“I’ll take the box.”
“The box? You want so many cards?”
“OK, I’ll have to charge you ten dollars.”
Loaded with a dusty treasure, a book about the Marlborough Blenheim and a box of postcards from Atlantic City, he headed west on Illinois towards the ocean …
Postcards From Atlantic City is available as an ebook or a handsome 6″ x 9″ trade paperback. To purchase it instantly, simply click here to select the version for your ereader.

A Celebration of Sleuthing: Mystery Writers Key West Fest

A Celebration of Sleuthing:
Mystery Writers Key West Fest Set for Mid-August

This is a “must” for all mystery fans!

Register now at


Key West, FL. — World-class mystery writers and acclaimed storytellers will be gathering in Key West to reveal their sleuthing savvy and whodunit know-how during the 2nd Annual Mystery Writers Key West Fest, set for August 14-16, 2015.  And you’re invited to join them.

Sponsored in part by the Mystery Writers of America’s Florida Chapter, the Florida Keys Council of the Arts, and the Key West Citizen, this “Murder & Mayhem in Paradise” themed festival offers multiple workshops, presentations and panel events, mingling with authors, consultations with publishing industry experts, and book signings.

Shirrel Rhoades, publisher of Absolutely Amazing eBooks, is a co-founder of the Fest along with mystery writer Michael Haskins.

Shirrel Rhoades and Michael Haskins

Taking place this year at Key West’s luxurious Beachside Marriott, Mystery Writers Key West Fest stars international bestselling suspense-thriller writer Jeffery Deaver, author of the wildly popular”Lincoln Rhyme” book series, the first of which was adapted to the 1999 film “The Bone Collector” starring Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie.

Jeffery Deaver and Heather Graham

Open to mystery fans, authors, and aspiring authors, Fest guests will learn first-hand how to craft their own tales of crime, murder and mystery from Deaver and other high-profile mystery genre luminaries — including award-winning Florida author James O. Born, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Heather Graham, and bestselling Chicago crime writer Libby Fischer Hellman.  The 90-minute panels also include one on Law Enforcement in the Keys, a popular presentation that provides a bird’s-eye view of what crime is really like in the Florida Keys, led by DEA agent Ken Davis.

The popular sleuth fest also includes a luncheon with Deaver, dinner with O. Born, and the presentation of the Jeremiah Healy Mystery Writing Award.

The Jerry Award and Jeremiah Healy

Sponsored by Absolutely Amazing eBooks, the Jerry Award salutes the late author’s legacy as a beloved and influential mentor to aspiring writers. The winner receives a unique Jerry statuette, a book publishing contract, and receives free admission and lodging at the Fest. Candidates wishing to compete for the Jeremiah Healy Mystery Writing Award are invited to submit the first three pages of a finished, unpublished manuscript no later than June 30, 2015. Finalists will be notified August 1, and will have until August 10 to submit full manuscripts.

Featuring a who’s-who array of award-winning and bestselling mystery and crime fiction authors, this year’s Mystery Writers Key West Fest is sure to be a hit. Registration is only $125 for nearly three days of sleuth-worthy events. Rooms for attendees also are generously discounted, but early bird discounts end July 10.

Don’t delay. Attendance is limited. Register today!

To register, simply visit

or email

Are You Sure It’s the Rolling Stones?

Are You Sure It’s the Rolling Stones?

Mark Howell Tells How Two British Lads Posed As Members of the Famous Rock Band While Crossing America!

At this very minute the Rolling Stones — Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and their wild bandmates — are touring North America. Earlier this week the boys were in Detroit. Tomorrow they’ll play Orchard Park, New York. Then they wrap it up on July 15 in Quebec City.

They call it the Zip Code Tour.

But are you sure it’s the Stones?

Mark Howell chuckles as he recalls how easy it was to fool people when he and a pal crossed America, their British accents convincing pretty young women that they were members of the “Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band in the World.” He says, “We had a blast.”

Howell’s book about it – titled The Naked Girl In The Treehouse - might be called a roman à clef, a true story masquerading as fiction. It’s a hilarious romp, the mad misadventures of two English lads crossing America in 1964 in an electric-blue Plymouth Savoy.

Mark Howell went on to become “legendary” in the publishing world, that term applied to him by Paperback Fanatic. His career stretched from Montreal to London, New York, Los Angeles and Toronto. He edited romance books, ghostwrote spy novels, published pulp paperbacks. His name became known in the underground publishing world. In Florida in the 1980s, as editor and senior writer of the Key West arts and politics publication, Solares Hill, he won 17 journalism awards.

But Howell’s favorite accolades came from those who thought he was a Rolling Stone, a pretense that held up well until an astute Midwestern girl noted that newspapers were reporting the Stones to be in California at that moment, not here in her presence!

Howell’s pal emerged from a confessional “talk” with his girlfriend du jour, nose freely bleeding. “Well, I think that went pretty well,” he announced.

As did their odyssey.

You can follow this hilarious journey, page by page, by downloading The Naked Girl In The Treehouse now — only $3.99 for the ebook, or $14.95 for the handsome 6″ x 9″ paperback.

Depending on your ereader device, go to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, KoboBooks, Absolutely Amazing eBooks, or other online booksellers. You can start reading within seconds.

For the paperback edition, go here.

And yes, there is a naked blonde beauty waiting in a treehouse at the end of their cross-country trek. But let’s not get ahead of the story.

“All is true,” states the narrator of this funny almost-true novel from Mark Howell. But like they say, why let truth get in the way of a good story.

Anthrax Is Back in the Headlines:

As stated in a June 3rd article in Foreign Policy titled ”The Pentagon Anthrax Scandal Is Getting Worse by the Day”

“U.S. Defense Department officials said on Wednesday that a total of 51 laboratories in 17 states, the District of Columbia, and three foreign countries have received potentially dangerous samples of anthrax from a U.S. Army lab in Dugway, Utah – dramatically expanding the scope of a scandal that raises serious questions about the Pentagon’s ability to properly oversee its stocks of deadly pathogens.”

But this latest anthrax scare is a mere echo of that earlier 2001 anthrax attack that has never been fully explained.

The FBI case name for that deadly incident was Amerithrax. Letters containing live anthrax spores were mailed to several media headquarters and to two US Senators. Five died and 17 others were infected.

Microbiologist Bruce Edward Ivins became the focus of the FBI’s investigation and he committed suicide as a result. But today even the FBI’s lead investigator has doubts about his guilt.

Case Closed is a novel based on those true events … and as more facts come out the book seems less like fiction than a prescient revelation of what really happened.

The New Atlantian Library is proud to publish an updated edition of Louis M. Weinstein’s Case Closed — along with new material on the rejection of the FBI’s flawed case by two goverenmental agencies, numerous US Congressmen and Senators, and even the FBI agent who managed the major parts of the investigation.

This updated edition of Case Closed follows Lew Weinstein’s passion for seeing the truth come out in the FBI’s handling of the Amerithrax Case. Weinstein began writing novels when he was 55 years of age, finally taking the advice of his high school English teacher, who said he should write. After graduating from Princeton and the Harvard Business School, Lew enjoyed a long management career in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, including his last position as CEO of a biomedical research institute focused on infectious disease research. In 1980, he was a candidate for the U.S. Congress from New Jersey. Lew Weinstein lives with his wife in Key West, FL.

In the true-life-inspired thriller Case Closed you will find a plausible explanation of what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks … and why the FBI doesn’t want America to know the truth.

Yes, you can own the ebook edition in a matter of seconds by clicking the link below. Priced at only $3.99 it’s available in a format to fit your personal ereader device — Kindle to Nook to Kobo to you name it.

Or you can order the 6″ x 9″ paperback for only $14.95 and have it in your hands a matter of days.

Lew Weinstein’s Case Closed is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, KoboBooks, and Absolutely Amazing eBooks. Or got the paperback edition go here.

Does fiction sometimes foretell reality? It certainly seems that way to readers of Case Closed.

Saturday Morning – Double Feature – Great Western Tales

Saturday Morning
Double Feature
Great Western Tales for as Little As
$2.99 an eBook!

Yippee-ki-yay, pardner! Remember when you used to spend Saturday mornings at the movie theater, taking in all those great ol’ Western double features?

Well, return with us to those thrilling days of yesteryear …

Absolutely Amazing eBooks brings you some great Western tales — new and old — for only $2.99 or $3.99 per ebook. Less than the cost of a glass of sassparilla.

For a light read in the traditional Western mode, try The Sheriff of Whisky Hollow by Mark Ryno. Follow the sheriff as he hunts down the meanest varmint in the Old West, that snake-eyed outlaw George Peele. You’ll feel like you’re sitting front row at the Saturday movies.

Or set your sights on this epic tale, Etched in Stone Where the Buffalo Roam by James R. Fox. Here you’ll follow an Indian brave (no, they weren’t “native Americans” quite yet) as he meets up with Buffalo Bill, Teddy Roosevelt, Howard Hughes, and other characters in this sprawling historical drama.

Want the good ol’ stuff — Western stories by Zane Grey himself? We got ‘em, double-books that give you two classic Westerns for less than the usual price of one. Zane Grey’s Two-Gun Tales #1 gives you The Last of the Plainsmen and The Last Trail, while Zane Grey’s Two-Gun Tales #2 offers up the groundbreaking Riders of the Purple Sage and The Rainbow Trail.

And if you like “revisionist history” we’ve launched a new series where H.L. Osterman retells those Western romances by Randall Parish as Erotic Western Thrillers. Take your pick — The Strange Case of Cavendish: Second Take or Beth Norvell: Second Take. A whole new concept in storytelling, the collaboration between a modern author and his long-ago counterpart.

The good news? You can instantly download an ebook that fits your ereader device. Simply click on or Barnes & or or

“A tidy collection of Westerns that will bring out the boy in you,” says Nick Teranzi of Online Critics Corner.


 Nicolas Gilmartin Teranzi

Marlow: Something Wicked Is Already a Bestseller!

Here’s the New Bill Craig Mystery You’ve Been Waiting For …

Marlow: Something Wicked Is Already a Bestseller!

You’ve probably become addicted to Bill Craig’s hardboiled private eye Rick Marlow. That’s why the series is an Amazon bestseller.

“Bill Craig’s Marlow books have developed quite a following. And I count myself among that number,” notes Mark Howell, former editorial director of Gold Eagle, the action-adventure division of Harlequin Books.

Marlow: Something Wicked is the 6th entry in the highly popular mystery series. And it marks Craig’s 46th published book. He published his first novel at age 40 and says it only took him 34 years to become an overnight success!

This time around (as the titled tells us) Marlow faces a very formidable adversary. A storm is approaching Key West and something wicked is blowing into town with it.  Tina Cord had been on the run from a psychopathic stalker when she arrived on the island.  Then she met Marlow.   Now he may be the only one that can keep her out of the stalker’s hands.  Lola Ponsberry, Walter’s secretary, had also arrived in Key West running from her past, and now it has caught up with her.  A maniacal child seeking vengeance has re-entered Walter Loomis’ life. Yes, something wicked has arrived on Key West.  The question is, who will survive?

You can be reading Marlow: Something Wicked in about thirty seconds if you click one of the following links to download an ebook:, Barnes&,, or The price of these Marlow novels is still only $3.99 each, less than the cost of many on-demand TV shows.

If your prefer a 6″ x 9″ paperback, click here. The ink-on-paper edition is only $14.95 — in keeping with Absolutely Amazing eBooks’ policy of making its books affordable.






The Quilters Club Mysteries

Find Out Why Everybody Loves The Quilters Club Mysteries

 Special Offer: Download the Entire Series Up to Now (4 ebooks) for Only $9.95 …

That’s less than $2.50 Each!

 Marjory Sorrell Rockwell is a bestselling author who had rather be stitching patchwork quilts than writing mysteries. But these whodunits seem to flow out of her like a grandmother telling stories to the family by the fireside.

You will love the small-town adventures of Maddy Madison and her Quilters Club pals — Cookie, Bootsie, Lizzie, and of course Maddy’s precocious granddaughter Aggie. Set in the small Midwestern town (pop. 2,574) of Caruthers Corners, Indiana, this gaggle of middle-age women and their families encounter crooked politicians, murderers, and bank robbers … while dealing with the town’s eclectic history of Indian fighters, witches, Vikings, the Underground Railroad, heritage quilt counterfeiters, Watermelon Festivals, and quarreling founding fathers!

These entertaining cozies have been runaway hits on Amazon, with some titles ranking #14 in the world for Mystery Cozies about Crafts. Great going, Marjory!

Recently, this star mystery writer released her 5th book in the Quilters Club Mystery Series, a heartwarming puzzler titled Sewed Up Tight.

Those quiltmaking gals are at it again, this time taking on the ghost of a forgotten town founder that reputedly roams the old Beasley Mansion, scaring people to death — literally. Based on “true facts” these stories explore the rich history of the Midwest and its easy-going peoples.

You can instantly download Sewed Up Tight for only $3.99 (ebooks readable on your Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPad/iPod, and other devices). Or you can own a 6″ x 9″ paperback for $14.95 each.

Simply click here to go to the Absolutely Amazing eBooks online bookstore, or go to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or KoboBooks.

But wait! If you’re not already a reader of the Quilters Club mysteries, you’ll want to catch up. To make that easy, AAeB has created a special bundle — the first four books in the series that lead up to Sewed Up Tight — for only $9.95.

Here you get The Underhanded Stitch, The Patchwork Puzzler, Hemmed In, and Coming Unraveled in one easy-to-read four-volume anthology.

To purchase a copy, simply click here for the AAeB special offer, or on these special links to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and KoboBooks.

Readers love these gentle mysteries. Amazon reviewers have said:

  • “Think: Janet Evanovich. A light mystery that’s very satisfying.”
  • “A delightful combination of characters; especially love Grammy and Agnes. Marjory Rockwell sticks to business; no excess digressions. Anyone who enjoys a quick cozy will love this one!”
  • “I really love quilting mysteries, so I really enjoyed this book…great price and good mystery. I hope to read more by this author.”
  • “Well written, fun characters with realistic dialogue. I enjoyed reading it.”
  • “This is a pleasant series and very quick to read. Thanks to the author. I look forward to reading more Quilters Club Mysteries.”
  • “The characters are so much fun and one can identify with them if a quilter and mystery fan!”
  • “Loved the characters and the way they meshed together! Wish I had neighbors and friends like these; can hardly wait for the next adventure!”
  • “Wow! Love these mysteries! Just the right mix of mystery and entertainment, along with colorful characters and a fun setting in a small Midwestern town.”
  • “An easy read and just what I need to relax from a hectic schedule. Keep them coming. Real enjoyment.”
  • “Marjory Sorrel Rockwell really knows how to spin an entreating mystery that doesn’t need sex or raunchy language to make the story exciting!”
  • “I really enjoyed this cozy mystery. I like the characters in the quilt bee/private investigators. It was funny, interesting and an all-around good read. I recommend any of Marjory Sorrell Rockwell’s Quilters Club mysteries.”

And on they go, a growing group of fans who are hooked on these warm and likeable quasi-detectives who love to quilt.

So grab Sewed Up Tight (No. 5) right now. Or catch up quick with this specially priced bundle of the first 4 mysteries in the Quilters Club series.

Underhanded Stitch cover

We Ask the Critics

Online Critics Corner Picks Its   Five Favorite AAeB Books of 2014

 Absolutely Amazing eBooks has published some terrific books (both ebooks and paperbacks) this past year … but don’t take our word for it.

We called on a group of literary bloggers known as the Online Critics Corner and asked them to tell us which of our 100-plus books they liked best … and why.

Here are their insightful comments:



Hayes Brandwell picks Ebola by Dale Dapkins. “Talk about ‘ripped out of the headlines,’ this thriller shows AAeB can turn on a dime, by publishing this fact-based thriller before Ebola was an item on the nightly news. This little upstart publishing company is (as it describes itself) absolutely amazing when it comes to picking interesting topics.”


“New Concept …”

Byron Rupert McCafferty picks Beth Norvell/The Strange Case of Cavendish by Randall Parrish and H.L. Osterman. “This is a totally new out-of-the-box publishing idea that caught my imagination. A modern-day author paired up with an old-time pulp writer, updating a book for today’s readers. That unique concept was applied to the Western romances of Randall Parish, turning them into illustrated erotic Western thrillers. Adventure and sex, what more could a young man ask for?”

“Eye Candy …”

Marcy Birdweather picks After Life by Carol Tedesco, Roberta DePiero, and Jane Newhagen and Changing Tides by Alexandra Dietz. “I want to compliment AAeB for adding photography books to its lineup. These two books are Key West centric (the publishing company is based in this Southernmost City). One gives us images from the Key West Cemetery, the above-ground crypts, the eerie mausoleums, the stone angels and decorative cherubs, even the iguanas that inhabit the tumbledown tombs. The photographs are visually wonderful. The second book offers intimate portraits of the eccentric and interesting denizens of the island. These photos reflect a sure eye for characters and intriguing personalities. I’d like to encourage AAeB to publish more photography books; the editors seems to have a knack for discovering fresh new talent.”

“Information please …”

Nicolas Gilmartin Teranzi picks Basics of … books. “Since I’m usually more interested in factual books than fiction, I want to congratulate AAeB on its new how-to line, what could be described as its version of Idiot’s Guides. But these new books don’t treat readers like idiots; more as busy people looking for simple explanations. The eclectic choice of subjects – Business Law, Beekeeping, and even Pottery — indicates a wide-ranging reference series with plenty of surprises to come.”


“Bundling …”

Martha Griswold picks The Quilters Club Quartet by Marjory Sorrell Rockwell. “I’m a sucker for cozy mysteries, particularly puzzlers that remind me of Angela Lansbury in TV’s “Murder She Wrote.” That’s why I’ve become hooked of AAeB’s Quilters Club Mysteries by Marjory Sorrell Rockwell. But what I want to call out here is something quite new, the bundling of the first four books in the series into a single anthology. I hope the publisher will do this for its other series, providing an easy and affordable introduction for new readers.”


There you have it, the critics have spoken.

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