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The Rooster Who Loved the ViolinThe Rooster Who Loved the Violin
by Ben Harrison, illustrated by Carrie Disrud,
$3.99 ebook, $11.95 paperback
Here is a delightful children’s story brought to life. Ben Harrison sweeps readers through the lyrical tale of a violin player at an Italian restaurant and his struggles . . . Buy and/or Read More >>>

Act of CharitySailing Down the Mountain
by Ben Harrison, ebook $3.99, $19.95 paperback
In the 1970s, Ben and Helen Harrison drove from San Francisco to San José, Costa Rica, to build a 38 foot sailboat. The drive was just the beginning of an incredible, often humorous adventure that brought them to Key West. Buy and/or Read More >>>

Undying LoveUndying Love
by Ben Harrison, $3.99
A true story of a passion that defied death. Count Carl von Cosel, a Key West doctor, scientist and romantic, took the body of Elena Milagro Hoyos from the cemetery and attempted to reanimate her by using electrical currents, wax and chemical solutions . . . Buy and/or Read More >>>

Genre: Literature / Good Reading

Meet The Author

Ben Harrison was born on September 8, 1945, in San Antonio, Texas, and spent his early years in Corpus Christi, Texas, where he attended W. B. Ray High School. Earning an undergraduate degree in Political Science at Southern Methodist University, he graduated from their Law School in 1972. He and Helen, who was a fine arts major at SMU when they met, were married on August 30, 1972, and moved to San Francisco that same year. In 1974 they drove to Costa Rica where, together, they built the 38-foot sailboat that they lived on for 11 years. In 1979 they sailed into the harbor of Key West, Florida, where he became a professional entertainer/musician/composer/author. In 1986 they opened Harrison Gallery, which celebrated its 28th anniversary in 2014. They have two sons. Benjamin A. Harrison, who after ten years of professional baseball with the Texas Rangers and other teams in five different countries finished his career in Italy, and William Cole Harrison, a licensed captain and commercial spearfisher, who also handcrafts Triple C Spearguns.

Instant Interview!

What do you like best about writing?

I enjoy entertaining, which is what I do musically. I seem to have the ability to make people smile and say something at the same time. My prose has become an extension of this as I try to write stories readers will find enjoyable and, at times, humorous.

Ben Harrison

Ben Harrison
Charlie Jones
by Ben Harrison

From California to Corpus Christi, Texas, and México, this fast paced generational novel follows the different characters as they navigate parenting, sex, art and money. Often funny and at times emotional, this is a racy and entertaining ride through their lives.
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