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Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Meet The Author

Ben Kelley comes from a family of journalists and writers. After a stint in Japan in U.S. Army intelligence, he remained in Tokyo as a newspaper editor for three years. He returned to the U.S. to work as a news reporter in Washington, D.C., then went into government as a policy wonk and communications manager. From there he moved into auto safety research and consumer advocacy. He’s made award-winning documentary films, written extensively on auto defect and other public health issues, and testified frequently before Congress and the courts. Ben’s home is in Pebble Beach, California, where he and two senior cats live a stone’s throw from the ocean and just across the street from a patch of the ancient Del Monte Forest. His detailed bio and bibliography are at

Instant Interview!

1. What do you like best about writing?

Writing fiction and poetry gives me the chance to explore my life, harvest bits of it through the power of imagination, and make discoveries about myself and my fictional characters, all hopefully to the advantage of my readers. Writing non-fiction tests my powers of research, accuracy, and adherence to fact without sacrificing a storyteller’s duty to develop compelling narrative.

2. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I was born into family of writers and took it for granted that writing would be a part of my life, which it has been.

3. Which author has inspired you the most?

Hard to pick just one, but certainly Henry James has been an inspiration.

4. Who is your favorite author to read for pleasure?

There are two: John Le Carre and Kazuo Ishiguro.

Ben Kelley

Ben Kelley
Coyle’s Folly
by Ben Kelley,
$3.99 ebook,
$14.95 paperback

John Grisham move over: Timothy Coyle is an attorney, not afraid to take on automotive companies, judges, even corporate-government conspiracies. Moira Coyle is not only his paralegal, she's his wife -- and equally determined to win outside the courtroom as well as inside. But the Surfer 4 injury case -- Aliso v. Columbia Motors -- proves to be more than a David meets Goliath contest. An SUV rolled over, injuring twin girls. But the key document showing the car company's test track results seems to have disappeared. Without proper evidence, can Tim and Moira win this one? Buy and/or Read More . . .