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David Matteson taught psychology and counseling for almost three decades at Governor’s State University, south of Chicago, an educational institution founded on experiential teaching. He holds an undergraduate degree in psychology from Alfred University, a graduate degree in theology from Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School, and a Ph.D. in counseling from Boston University. He has been a practitioner both in the ministry and in secular mental health. Dr. Matteson helped found a psychology department at Marietta College in Ohio, and later was Director of Mental Health Services in Washington County Ohio.
His published works include chapters in several books, research in such journals as Adolescence, American Psychologist, Developmental Psychology, The Family Psychologist, Individual Psychology, Journal of Homosexuality, and Journal of Sex Research, and has authored or co-authored two previous books, Adolescence Today: Sex Roles and the Search for Identity, and Ego Identity: A Handbook for Psychosocial Research (with James Marcia, Alan Waterman, et al.)
Matteson has lived in three very different cultures: American, Danish, and Indian, and has done research and taught graduate courses in all three.
He has traveled widely and regularly explores the religions and spiritual paths of the cultures he visits. Now retired from full-time teaching, Dr. Matteson frequently makes presentations or teaches as a guest professor. He is a licensed clinical psychologist and continues a small private practice in addition to writing and traveling. Matteson has been married for 46 years and he and his wife Sandra live in the racially integrated south suburbs of Chicago. They are parents to two adopted biracial children, Eric, who is currently working on a law degree, and Heather, who is a regional Human Resource Director for a major international business.

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David R. Matteson

David R. Matteson
I Took Both Roads:
My Journey as a Bisexual Husband

by David R. Matteson
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David Matteson's memoir is both eye-opening and inspiring. It is a timely, sensitive exploration of a topic through a loving and accepting lens. He first became aware of his sexuality in the early 1950s, and his bisexuality in the '60s – dangerous times to be seen as different from the norm. It is as much an account of his incredible and supportive relationships with others – his parents, his spiritual advisors, his long-time gay partner, and particularly his wife – as it is an account of what it is like to be bisexual. Matteson hopes "that reading this story will help you to develop a deeper understanding of, and empathy for those whose sexual orientation is different from your own, and those who have gone through changes in their identity during the course of their married life."
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