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J is for James, but I was called Dave until USA dual citizenship exposed me to bureaucracies that cannot abide people who never use their first names – I’m still Dave to you. My Australian marketing & advertising career led me to start Orchestrated Chaos, a marketing communications company where I wrote for all media. That work earned me membership of the Australian Writers Guild decades ago, but for almost all of my life I have been writing stories and poems.
Since moving to the USA, work culminated in my research & writing company, Hunt & Peck. In recent years, as a member of the North Fork Writers Group, I offered four tales in our book, 7 VOICES (The New Alantean Library, 2015). Strangers In My Mind is the first publication of exclusively my short fiction – more, and novels, are in the works.
I live in eastern Long Island with Pami and our dog Scruffy, enjoying a world of mind-stirring mates via the Internet, and all of my local friends, writers and artists in our North Fork area’s creative community.


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David Porteous

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Strangers In My Mind
by David Porteous
$3.99 ebook; $14.95 paperback

A member of the North Fork Writers Group, David Porteous breaks out with a remarkable collection of short stories. As he says, “The stories are not autobiographical, but while the characters reveal facets of my views, they came to me with personalities and situations formed. They are mind-invaders because their presences prevented me from working on other projects; they refused to leave until I wrote their tales. I chose tales whose characters came in diverse styles of tale-telling, with cultural differences, and some echoing other stories to expand those themes for you. I haven’t defined their settings – New York, Sydney, Shanghai or Oslo is irrelevant to people dealing with life’s universal issues.”

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