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Not Quite Novellas II Not Quite Novellas II - A Celebration of Short Stories
edited by Edward Squires, $2.99 ebook, $9.95 paperback
For this new collection, bibliophile Edward Squires reached out to ten of his writer friends, asking for a piece or fiction, but did not specify a length. Just tell the story, he said. Here’s what he got. Includes a new story by John Hemingway!
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Genre: Short Story - Literature / Good Reading

Meet The Author

Edward Squires studied short story writing at a noted southern university and has worked as a fiction editor before turning to filmmaking. He draws a parallel between short stories and films, both aimed at telling stories in a finite amount of time. Married, he has one son and a houseful of animals.

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Edward Squires

Jessica Argyle
Not Quite Novellas
edited by Edward Squires,
$2.99 ebook,
$9.95 paperback

Edgar Allan Poe favored the short story … and we love them too. "The ordinary novel is objectionable, from its length," Poe declared. "As it cannot be read at one sitting, it deprives itself, of course, of the immense force derivable from totality." Here we have collected 10 of our favorite short stories by AAeB authors – brief a touch saucy, offering insights into the human heart, always well told. Editorial director Hollis George calls this anthology," An entertaining blend of storytelling selected by short story aficionado Edward Squires.
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