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Cyborg Dreams 3Cyborg Dreams: The Awakening (Volume 3)
by H.A. Burns, $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
A small town English teacher, Catherine Newton, is asked to travel to post-apocalyptic LA in order to find something that will save the world. In this thrilling adventure she struggles with who to trust, and who to love. Will she succeed in saving the world? Buy and/or Read More >>>

Cyborg DreamsCyborg Dreams: The Buried Past - (Volume 2)
by H.A. Burns $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback.
How do you become a cyborg? Simple: tragedy. Lose a limb, lose an eye or two… and have an evil brother. Dr. Daniel Jahren never meant to become what he did, but his brother Cliff sure did. Suffering from Muscular Dystrophy his whole life, Cliff Jahren endeavored to transcend his body . . . Buy and/or Read More >>>

Genre: Mystery/Thriller Short Stories

Meet The Author

H.A. Burns lives in a rainy Seattle suburb with her fur babies: a Siberian Husky, an orange tabby cat and an equally scruffy husband. She has been an engineer in the aerospace industry ever since proudly graduating with a degree in Materials Science & Engineering from the University of Washington in Seattle, WA. She has been telling stories to entertain her four siblings her whole life and is constantly coming up with book ideas inspired by dreams, advancements in science and technology, and all the interesting people she meets.

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H.A. Burns

Jessica Argyle
Cyborg Dreams: The Mind of Mine (Volume 1)
by H.A. Burns,
$3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback.

In this fanciful new sci-fi novel, you meet Catherine Newton, a mousy-but-neat English teacher assigned to a small desert mining town in Colorado, one of those conclaves that sprung up after the war of 2020 had decimated all the major cities in the US. Catherine is doing well here … maybe. She has a handsome boyfriend. A protective dog. A concerned principal. A silver-level student in her homeroom class. Fellow teachers not to be trusted. So why was she having these strange nightmares -- a cyborg demanding she help him shut down the mine? H.A. Burns creates a future world that seems almost normal … until it isn’t.
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