Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Meet The Author

Todd “Jake” Jacobson is a Midwestern native who graduated from North Central College. A fairly good distance runner, he was a proud member of two NCAA cross country championship teams. After college he started a career in insurance and banking, eventually becoming a corporate malcontent. An aspiring screenwriting career came to a crashing halt in the 90’s, but a 2012 visit to Key West put the writing bug back in his blood. A successful blog led him to dust off an old screenplay and turn the story into a book and he hasn’t stopped writing since. Currently he lives in Milwaukee, WI, with his fiancée Kristin, number one son Cole, and a sassy coonhound named Mango.

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Jake Jacobson

Jessica Argyle
The Sullivan Secret
by Jake Jacobson,
$3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback

The Ambassador Art Heist was the near perfect crime just outside Paris, France. Nobody was ever charged and the only witnesses left alive seemingly vanished. Then a marque painting turns up in Miami 25 years later and the prime suspect lends no clues. Sinjin Jones is the newest CIA asset who has been assigned to work with the FBI taskforce investigating this international conflict. Fresh out of Special Forces he is eager to show his worth. Around every corner is an investigation sabotaged while the bodies stack up. The situation becomes even more difficult thanks to a mystery woman that he can’t get out of his head. Politicians and Miami socialites help force Jones off the investigation. His boss turns on him but that can’t diminish his resolve to finish what he started despite an assassin on his tail. Sinjin Jones makes his way back to the vineyards of France to solve the Sullivan Secret right where it all began.
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