Genre: Mystery/Thriller Short Stories

Meet The Author

James Darrigo is a lover of nature and science who has always wondered how and why, when and where as it pertains to the workings of our vast universe. The mechanism to life, fitting into the realm of the universe's power and control, continues to fascinate him and inspired his imagination. This novel is a reflection of this passion. The author holds multiple science degrees.

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James Darrigo

James Darrigo
Ancient Code of the Universe
by James Darrigo
ebook $3.99, paperback $14.95

The universe is controlled by power. But, who is the "power" behind the controlling? The story begins with a "Being" explaining to the "Authority" why an atrocious event has occurred. The event starts when two people, Joseph's wife, Maria, gives birth to a baby named "Infant Boy." Another entity named Keeper feels threatened by this Infant Boy. Keeper wants to assure that the products of the "experiment" flourishes for his gain. So, Keeper sends Infant Boy on a mission. The mission goes awry and Infant Boy time-travels to faraway lands. He discovers a secret mountain harboring a genetic experiment which is being conducted by alien beings. Who are these aliens?
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