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Jane Newhagen grew up in Denver, Colorado. Armed with an unexpected scholarship and what she now recognizes as astonishing bravado, she flew east to attend Brown University. After living up and down the east coast and in Paris, France, she settled in Key West where she’s the archivist at the city cemetery. Her historical novels are Sand Dollar and Pieces of Eight. She is a contributor to 100 People Who Changed 20th Century America and All My Good Habits I Learned from Grandma. A four-time winner of the Key West Writers Guild Short Story Contest, her stories appear in their anthology, Voices from Key West."

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Jane Newhagen

Jane Newhagen
After Life: Images from the Key West Cemetery
by Carol Tedesco,
Roberta DePiero,
and Jane Newhagen,

$3.99 ebook,
$29.95 paperback

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After Life is a sensitively compiled collection of images from the Key West City Cemetery. Some of the subjects are iconic and familiar. Others are hidden in quiet corners or as fleeting as a cloud blowing before the sun. All are memorable. As you reflect on them, you will smile and maybe shed a tear, honoring those who have gone before to make Key West the unique place it has always been – and is today. Photographers Carol Tedesco and Roberta DePiero have caught the spirit and shapes of the Key West graveyard from morning dew until sunset and placed the pictures on the pages of this artistic book with remarkable attention to composition, tone, and harmony. The images are gently bound together with a ribbon of prose created by historical novelist Jane Newhagen.
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