Genre: Tweens and Teens -- Horror / Paranormal

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Kelley Connor has helped hundreds of babies be born in her role as a labor and delivery nurse. She has degrees in nursing and studio art. She started writing stories with her children as a creative outlet and to help them become better readers. Her children would give her an idea, she would write a story about it, then they would read it together. Her daughters are her biggest cheerleaders and her harshest critics. Kelley enjoys reading and writing about the supernatural, technology, and science fiction. In her spare time, she enjoys planning and taking travel adventures, gardening, and exploring the Idaho outdoors with her husband, kids, and giant, yellow, mutt of a dog, Jax.

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Kelley Connor

Jessica Argyle
by Kelley Connor,
$3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback

Cory Fall was a child model, sought after for her teal-colored eyes and infectious smile. At age eight her world imploded. She stopped speaking, stopped trying, and let everyone else make decisions for her. By sixteen, her looks were well hidden by layers of heavy Goth makeup and ill-fitting black clothes. She had everything she thought she wanted; nobody expected much from her, and she was left alone to focus on her art. However, tragedy struck, forcing her to live with an aunt she barely remembered. Little by little, Cory begins to speak for herself and soon learns she has a supernatural gift where everything she says becomes the truth. There are responsibilities and risks that come with her ability. Cory must decide to accept them as part of the family legacy or reject everything for the independence she now craves.
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