Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Meet The Author

Kerry Gene Martin is a sixth-generation native of East Texas who grew up on Rod Serling and Alfred Hitchcock. A graduate of Baylor University, he enjoys long his career as an architectural illustrator. His passion for historic restoration has exposed him to many mysterious places. While on vacation in the late 90s’, Kerry became fascinated with the Florida Keys. He has divided his time between Jefferson, Texas and Key West, Florida ever since. He is currently working on Sins of the Present in his Gathering of the Damned series.

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Kerry Gene Martin

Jessica Argyle
A Gathering of the Damned:
Sins of the Past

by Kerry Gene Martin,
$3.99 paperback, $14.95 paperback

In an attempt to escape from his past, Louisiana architect Christopher Kelly accepts a position at an exclusive design firm in Key West, Florida. However, his new job is not as he expected, and he realizes that no one else on the island would work for his sadistic employer. He soon learns that Mile Marker Zero is indeed the end of the line and there is nowhere else for him to run. And he begins to suspect that his boss is hiding a damning secret. Planning to uncover the mystery and use it as a weapon against the cruel, self-important man, Christopher’s quest leads him into the underground of the Florida Keys. There he finds hustlers, drag queens, and victims of the sex trade, who all seem to hold a piece to the puzzle. Meanwhile the body count is rising.
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