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"'Sex and intrigue,' indeed, and who's to say of which we get more? A cast of real characters (in several senses) wrestle with hankerings, infatuations, and embarrassing exposure in a small Eastern Kentucky town. PA Lassiter weaves an elaborate tapestry, draped reverently around the local Episcopal church's loose-knit community, which has welcomed their new priest without realizing from whence he comes. Sordid secrets and exquisite entanglements are revealed from very personal points-of-view, frequently peeping thru windows or sneaking thru hedges or slipping in back doors . . . The wordplay is as delightful as the foreplay, satisfying our cravings for delicious detail, and by the end of this endearing romp we embrace these now familiar folk as if they were our own neighbors and friends. And, like a good fencetop raconteur, she leaves us awaiting the next juicy tale." —JulianCC

"This book is a hoot. Pour yourself a bourbon and settle in for a delicious read... this novel manages to show human beings at their very desperate, and does it with heart, humor, and affection. I enjoyed immersing myself in the world of Amity, Kentucky because it's filled with people who are, at their base, good, who want to do their best, and who often fail in the most spectacular ways." –Emma

"The surprising thing for me…is that a first-time author has created a character I find not just memorable, but unlike any other I can recall. [Martha Browne] does not see herself as you see her, and your opinion is simply irrelevant to her view of the world. As with [Stephen] King, you want to look away, but you cannot help peeking through your fingers to see what's going to happen next. With its explicit sex and variegated plot and high-quality prose, this is a hard novel to pigeonhole. However . . . this is a real talent at work here. Whatever else you take away from this book, I guarantee you will never forget Martha." –Ron L. Burk

"I have read thousands of books and rarely is there one that is so original in its concept, its style and its writing. Read this book. It’s great, it feels very real and the characters are fully developed. This book left me wanting to know more about what will happen to these people. I hope there will be more." —Ellen

Jean Carper, New York Times best-selling author, has this to say:
"I am one of P. A. Lassiter's biggest fans. She's hilarious, outrageous, and fearless in her description of life, sex and love in a small Midwestern town of the type I grew up in. You're in for a wild ride."

Genre: Literature/Good Reading

Meet The Author

P. A. Lassiter grew up on a cattle and wheat farm in the Midwest and now lives a bi-coastal life, dividing her time between Seattle, Washington, and Key West, Florida. She holds degrees in English Literature, Psychology, and Computer Science, and her alter ego wrote two best-selling computer books that have been translated into a dozen languages and used as university texts. She is returning to her first love—fiction—by penning a series of humorous, sexy novels set in small town Kentucky.

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P. A. Lassiter

P. A. Lassiter
The Snake Handler's Daughter
Tales of Sex & Intrigue In Amity, Kentucky

by P. A. Lassiter,
$3.99 ebook,
$18.95 paperback

At 66 years old, Martha Browne, daughter of a snake handling preacher gone missing, is desperate to find love before her time runs out. Her latest prospect, 43-year-old Arthur Endicott, the new priest at her adopted Episcopal Church, shows great promise, though unbeknownst to her, he's been banished to Amity for engaging in unseemly behavior in a gay cruising park in the city. As Arthur tries to redeem himself and reconstruct his destroyed life, he must contend with narcissistic Martha, who challenges him at every turn. The full picture comes into focus in a climax of murder, mayhem, and a little bit of magic.
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