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Girls Who Wear Glasses . . . Girls Who Wear Glasses - A Look-See Book
by Pamela Paige $3.99 ebook, $24.95 paperback
Dorothy Parker made that famous quote about men not making passes at girls who wear glasses … but long-time journalist Pam Paige has collected an eye-catching array of photographs to prove Parker wrong. Here are more than xx full-color photographs of beautiful women.Buy and/or Read More >>>

Genre: Photography / Picture Books

Meet The Author

A long-time journalist and feature writer, Pamela Paige got her start writing for a newspaper Sunday magazine. For years her feature articles were a weekly staple in the Florida Times-Union. After three marriages, she specializes in the Romance genre and loves reviewing new books. Pam shares her house with 2 ½ cats.

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Pamela Paige

Pamela Paige
All Girls Love Horses
edited by Pamela Paige,
$3.99 ebook,
$24.95 coffee table paperback

A perfect gift for your girlfriends . . . or you! It's a truism that girls have a special spot in their hearts for horses. This book explores that truism, and delivers more than 100 outstanding photographs of that wondrous duo, girls and their favorite steads. The photos are accompanied by significant quotes by luminaries ranging from Diane Lane to Jane Smiley, Kate Upton to Anna Sewell – plus numerous popular sayings, aphorisms, legends, and pithy observations by horse lovers. You'll undoubtedly love this collection of lovely full-color photographs almost as much as girls love horses!
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