Genre: Memoir / History -- Philosophy / Inspiration

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Sloan Bashinsky’s blog says it all: Born on 1942 in Birmingham, Alabama, he’s had a dozen different lives since then. “Started off normal, whatever that is,” he says. “Until the mothership retrieves me, I’m here, waiting, spoofing, poking, laughing, writhing.”

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Sloan Bashinsky

Sloan Bashinsky
A Southern Lawyer Who Became a Mystic
By Sloan Bashinsky,
$2.99 ebook, $9.95 paperback

Sloan Bashinsky delivers three short books in this new collection. Part One: A Few Remarkable Alabama People I Have Known. Part Two: Law & Spirit; Part Three: Spontaneous Ramblings On Soul Alchemy. After paying tribute to an interesting array of people who have inspired his life, the former Alabama attorney takes you on a spiritual journey, recounting his days of living on the streets of Key West, introducing you to homeless visionaries, sharing his dreams and their cosmic meaning, arguing his newfound enlightenment with email correspondents. You might think it a strange journey, but it’s one that will fascinate, inform, and entertain.
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