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Accounting for Pirates Accounting for Pirates
by Steve McMillan, Amazon Paperback $16.95; Kindle $9.95; Barnes & Noble Paperback $16.95; Nook $9.95; Kobo $9.95
Stone, accounting professor, and girlfriend, Sharon Levin, cop, become involved with treasure, Jamaican mobsters, and murder. What was to be a professional opportunity turns into a race to save lives and treasure. Buy and/or Read More

Accounting For Vampires Accounting For Vampires
by Steve Mcmillan, $5.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
An accounting professor, and his girlfriend, a Philadelphia homicide detective, planned a relaxing trip to New Orleans. However, in the time leading up to their journey, a trio of vampires down in the Big Easy had started killing people and feasting on their blood. Buy and/or Read More

Genre: Mystery/Thriller Short Stories

Meet The Author

Steve is an associate professor at the Abington campus of Penn State University. Prior to joining academia, Steve worked in accounting and real estate in the Philadelphia area. He has received four Fulbright awards that have taken him to Finland, Belgium, and Malta twice. An avid traveler, he has visited over 30 countries.

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Steve McMillan

Steve McMillan
Accounting and Murder Around the World
by Steve McMillan
$3.99 ebook,
$14.95 paperback

It starts when Ben Stone and Sharon Levin go to an academic conference on accounting in Malta, where Ben will be presenting a paper based on how accounting rules in the US can be used to manipulate company earnings to the benefit of the company. They arrive a few days early and spend some time traveling through Malta, Gozo, and Comino. At the conference dinner, a Maltese businessman asks Ben for help in using the accounting rules in the US to minimize his tax liability. Then, Ben is approached by a mysterious Russian who says he did business with the murdered man. Being an enforcement officer, Sharon feels she must do some investigating on her own. And then things get dangerous. Three stories that mix a CPA’s eye for facts with an investigator’s nose for malfeasance. From Malta to Belgium to Finland, this couple is on the case when it comes to solving crimes.
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