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Other Policies

Absolutely Amazing eBooks is a traditional third-party publisher, even though it exists in cyberspace and focuses on eBooks and trade paperback books. We are not a vanity press. Authors do not pay any fees to be published. Selection of manuscripts is at the discretion of Absolutely Amazing eBooks editors. Books are simultaneously published in major eBook formats and as trade paperbacks. ISBN numbers are provided for all trade paperback books. ISBN numbers are not required on eBooks. Absolutely Amazing eBooks provides a website, Facebook page, Twitter account, as well as a unique webpage for each book title -- at no charge. There are no charges for reading, light editing, formatting, publishing, marketing, promoting, fulfilling, etc. Submission requirement: authors should submit manuscripts in Microsoft Word. Submitted manuscripts should be as error-free as humanly possible. Manuscripts should not contain page numbers, headers and footers, or footnotes (due to the nature of eBooks).

Absolutely Amazing eBooks provides light editing. Major editing and/or restructuring are not services provided by Absolutely Amazing eBooks. If a manuscript requires such, Absolutely Amazing eBooks can recommend outside editors who will do this for a fee.

Manuscripts are both spellchecked and carefully proofread by Absolutely Amazing eBooks editors. However, Absolutely Amazing eBooks is not responsible for any errors not caught. Before publication, authors will get an opportunity to proof/approve the formatted manuscript. Minor corrections will be made as needed before publication.