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Heaven's  JudgeHeaven's Judge - The Fourth Angel War (Book 2)
by Arndt Schorr, $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
In this epic battle between good and evil you will read as if following headline news reporting on the struggle between Heaven and … well, that other place. This is the second volume in Schorr's new series titled The Fourth Angel War.
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Genre: Science Fiction / Fantasy

Meet The Author

Arndt Schorr was born in Europe of British and German descent. Raised and educated in both countries, he speaks English German and French. Schorr met and married his American wife in Augsburg, Germany, and moved to the United States in 1996. They have two grown-up children and live in Key West, Fla. Heaven's Intent is the culmination of forty years of writing short stories and novels in Europe and America. It is the first in Arndt Schorr's new series titled The Fourth Angel War.

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Arndt Schorr

Arndt Schorr
Heaven's Intent
The Fourth Angel War
(Book 1)

by Arndt Schorr,
$3.99 ebook, $21.95 paperback

Is there a devil? Does he manipulate mankind, weaving a web of lies, temptation and evil? This sweeping new novel answers these questions with a resounding yes! Lucifer, the fallen angel, having plagued the Earth through the ages, emerges in the 21st Century as the head of a colossal, worldwide media corporation. Posing as a crusty old entrepreneur from Philadelphia named Scott Anderson, he owns an unprecedented number of TV and Cable networks, newspapers and glossy magazines, all of which dominate their market in every corner of the globe.

The story opens when two historic events take place in America on the same day. One is the grand opening of Century Tower, the devil's gleaming, brand-new corporate headquarters in Manhattan. The other is the start of yet another drawn-out, hideously expensive U. S. presidential election. The Fourth Angel War is raging. There can only be one victor: The forces of good or those of darkness. And only one President of the United States. Who will that be?
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