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The Time in TavelThe Time in Tavel
by Brewster Chamberlin eBook $3.99, paperback $16.95
Brewster Chamberlin admits one of the great pieces of buona Fortuna in his life was the 14 months he spent with Lynn-Marie Smith in a small village in the South of France. This sprightly memoir is the story of those deeply enriching and adventurous months. Buy and/or Read More >>>

Almost at the EndAlmost to the End The Shorter Poems: New and Old
by Brewster Chamberlin $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
These Haiku-like poems represent nighttime thoughts and inspirations written down while reading Sam Hamill’s translations in The Sound of Water: Haiku by Bashō, Buson, and Other Poets. Some are actually based on the work of these poets, but most are inspired by them. Buy and/or Read More >>>

Paris Chapbook"A Paris Chapbook," by Brewster Chamberlin.
An intellectually stimulating collection of other people's opinions, comments, and critiques of Paris. From the author of A Piece of Paris: The Grand XIVth; Paris Now and Then; and Kultur auf Trümmern . . .Buy and/or Read More >>>

Shorts of All Sorts"Shorts of All Sorts," by Brewster Chamberlin.
A unique collection of short stories, poems, and plays by the author of Love’s Poison and Other Poems, A Paris Chapbook, and Radovic’s Dilemma. A Mediterranean Thriller . . .Buy and/or Read More >>>


Genre: Travel and Literature/Great Reading

Meet The Author

Unable to break into the tenured groves of academe, despite a solid and well-received doctoral dissertation, Brewster Chamberlin spent several decades of his life working as a historian, archivist, university teacher, lecturer, poet, essayist and writer of longer and shorter fictions while living in Manhattan, Germany, France (Provence), Italy, Washington DC and Greece. In 2001 he retired from an executive position at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC to move with his wife Lynn-Marie Smith to Key West, Florida to concentrate on a series of five novels revolving around the city of Berlin in the 20th century, one of which takes place in the Conch Republic, as the island of Key West is also known. His most recent books are Paris Now and Then: Memoirs, Opinions and a Companion to the City of Light for the Literate Traveler (2002, revised edition 2004), Mediterranean Sketches: Fictions, Memories and Metafictions (2005), A Chronology of the Life and Times of Lawrence Durrell (2007), revised editon The Durrell Library of Corfu website 2016, Situation Reports on the Emotional Equipoise: Collected Poems 1959-2006 (2007), Radovic’s Dilemma. A Mediterranean Thriller (2009), Travels in Greece and France (2013), The Hemingway Log: A Chronology of the Life and Times of Ernest Hemingway (2015), Almost to the End, The Shorter Poems: Old and New (2016) and Schade’s Passage, A Novel of Berlin 1945-1946. Vol. 1 of the Berlin Book (2017)

Travels in Greece and France
Instant Interview!

What do you like best about writing?

The surge of other-worldly feeling when a sentence truly works the way it should.

Do you write on a specific schedule or as the mood strikes?

I work from about 8 in the morning until lunch, then from about 4 in the afternoon until the PBS News Hour at 6:00 o'clock (when at home, when abroad at various points during the day)


Brewster Chamberlin
Travels in Greece and France and the Durrell School of Corfu Seminars,
by Brewster Chamberlin,,
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Author and intellect Brewster Chamberlin invites you along on his personal journey through the culturally rich landscapes of Greece and France. From the author of The Time in Tavel: An Informal Illustrated Memoir of a Sojourn in Provence; Paris Now and Then: Memoirs, Opinions, and a Companion to the City of Light for the Literate Traveler; and Mediterranean Sketches. Fictions, Memories and Metafictions. "Illuminating!" says social commentator and art critic Hollis George.