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Sexual SurvivorSexual Survivor: A Novel
by Larry Lentchner, $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
Here is an intimate look into the very personal traumas of a therapy group for women that have been sexually abused – mainly by their fathers – as they struggle to understand and overcome their past abuse and move forward with their lives. Buy and/or Read More >>>

Genre: Philosophy / Inspiration

Meet The Author

Larry Lentchner, Ph.D., is a practicing psychologist. Over the years he developed interest and expertise in the treatment of drug addiction, sports psychology, hemisphericity, and consciousness evolution. As terrorism began to take its vicious hold on life and emotional health, Dr. Lentchner began to work through his understanding of the origins and dynamics of terroristic consciousness. This effort, over a decade in the making, led to the novel Onederland. When he was about to start his senior year in college, he started to scribe what he thought would be his first novel. He quickly realized that although he loved writing and believed himself to have some talent, he didn’t know enough about life to say anything worth a novel. That would take some time. At this point he became a psychology major, and eventually a psychologist. He could not imagine a better way to learn what he needed about life and living. Dr. Lentchner lives in Branchville, New Jersey, with his wife, Kathleen. He has four children and five grandchildren. He maintains a small practice of psychotherapy, leaving him time to write.

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Larry Lentchner

Larry Lentchner
by Larry Lentchner
$3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback

While a novel, Onederland is Lentchner's response and analysis to the terrorism we live with as a result of the conflicts in religious thought, principles and actions throughout the world. It is reminiscent of Mann's Magic Mountain, a century ago, in which Mann utilized a novel to describe a Europe about to fall into what was then the Great War. Subsequent to the unraveling of summer religious violence in New York City, a group of activist religious leaders conceptualize and develop a religious theme park meant to promote mutual understanding and harmony. With finely honed clerical characters interacting and working toward a common cause, important insights into the nature of religion are drawn. Eventually concepts about the evolution of spiritual consciousness are woven into the storyline. Something greater than military solutions are suggested. Onederland is an important book to read if one wants to understand the terror found all too often on the front page. Onederland suggests a long range direction in which the conflicts of spiritual consciousness can be peacefully resolved.
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