Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Meet The Author

Formal education finally concluded with a BFA in painting from the Massachusetts College of Art. Leslie is a published poet: in magazines, anthologies, in her own chapbooks, on the internet. She has participated in well over 150 open mic readings in Boston, New York, Miami and Tampa, Florida, Los Angeles and Paris, France. While still a visual artist and poet, Leslie's short stories "Mischief" and "A Christmas Fare" were broadcast live on cable radio in Los Angeles. 10 years ago she became de facto leader of a writers' workshop now in its 22nd consecutive year. Leslie has turned her passion for writing also into a day job; she is now freelancing as a book editor and writing coach. Her clients range from an exuberant 23-yr old with a flair for sci-fi to a 42-yr old writing young adult stories to a 78-year old finally getting to live the dream of writing a memoir. In 2011 her short story "The Storm of the Century" appeared in a Sleeping Cat Books anthology and "Out West A-Ways" was included Angie Merriman's anthology, "Intertwine". In 2012, British mystery writer, Neal James, made her Guest Author twice on his website with "The Emperor's Gate” and "In Lewis Carroll Country". The publication of her novel, "The Gift Horse," marks her debut as she joins the swell of new writers bringing their work to the public.

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What do you like best about writing?

The unfettered freedom. There's no one to stop me, no one criticizing, no one saying 'You can't say that!' Also, that writing comes easily to me. I know there are writers who agonize. It's not like that for me. It's like there was this huge pocket of oil underground and very early on I dug a well and it was a gusher and it's been gushing reliably ever since.

Leslie Silton

Leslie Silton
The Gift Horse
by Leslie Silton,
$3.99 ebook,
$17.00 paperback

Maggie Malone is a first-class painter who just graduated from art school. But every time she gets a foot in the door in the gallery scene in New York City something goes wrong. She can’t figure out if this is normal or if she is actually being targeted by unseen forces. On a tip from a fellow artist, she goes to Fleetwater, a small, thriving artist colony on Long Island. Taken up by gallery owner, Arthur Cotillion, Maggie is finally getting the accolades she deserves. The big shows and big-ticket sales are finally happening. So, what’s wrong? And for that matter, what’s wrong with the inhabitants of Fleetwater and why are people trying to kill Maggie Malone? The thing is: when someone sends you a gift horse, of course you don’t want to turn it down, no matter what the history books say.
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