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The Gift Horse
The Gift Horse
by Leslie Silton,
$3.99 ebook, $17.00 paperback

Maggie Malone is a first-class painter who just graduated from art school. But every time she gets a foot in the door in the gallery scene in New York City something goes wrong. She can’t figure out if this is normal or if she is actually being targeted by unseen forces. On a tip from a fellow artist, she goes to Fleetwater, a small, thriving artist colony on Long Island. Taken up by gallery owner, Arthur Cotillion, Maggie is finally getting the accolades she deserves. The big shows and big-ticket sales are finally happening. So, what’s wrong? And for that matter, what’s wrong with the inhabitants of Fleetwater and why are people trying to kill Maggie Malone? The thing is: when someone sends you a gift horse, of course you don’t want to turn it down, no matter what the history books say.
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The Gift Horse