Genre: Mystery

Meet The Author

Marcia Lange was born and raised in a small Connecticut town, the middle child of five. Upon graduation from high school, she struck out for the big city to find her future. By accident or, as she says, desperate need, she began a career in financial services which she thought would be temporary and, to her surprise, retired after a highly successful 35 years. While climbing the ladder to success in a predominately male industry with a very thick glass ceiling, Marcia raised two sons and instilled in them the importance of hard work and dedication as a path to achieving success in life. This was the era of super moms, women who did it all and strived for perfection in every aspect of life. Her children were introduced to books as she read to them each evening beginning in infancy. Gift giving occasions always included a new book or two. Upon retiring, Marcia embarked on a journey to see the world. She needed to share her experiences with family and friends and began photographing and writing about her travels in a daily blog. She received many compliments on her writings as was told by many that her daily posts were anxiously awaited and enjoyed. Her love for reading and writing was enhanced by becoming a beta reader for a friend and a new journey, to do some writing of her own, resulted in her co-authoring Conundrum, her debut novel. Recently, she has developed a philanthropic passion for inspiring disadvantaged children to achieve greatness. Currently you can find her splitting her time between CT and FL playing golf, cooking, and reading. Always reading!

Marcia Lange

Marcia Lange

by Tom Bleakley
and Marcia Lange,

$8.95 ebook,
$14.95 paperback

Drug industry greed, a publicity-seeking scientist, and powerful government interests combine to shunt aside a competing claim for what causes AIDS. This conundrum is not about sex. But it is when a scientist exerts his dominance over a female subordinate to keep her quiet about the real cause of AIDS. Buy and/or Read More