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Conundrum Conundrum
by Tom Bleakley and Marcia Lange, $8.95 ebook, $14.95 paperback
Drug industry greed, a publicity-seeking scientist, and powerful government interests combine to shunt aside a competing claim for what causes AIDS. This conundrum is not about sex. But it is when a scientist exerts his dominance over a female subordinate to keep her quiet about the real cause of AIDS. Buy and/or Read More

Safe Nowhere Safe Nowhere
by Tom Bleakley, $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
Attorneys face off against a pharmaceutical company that doesn’t want the public to know about its drug’s potentially lethal effects. Law school graduate Katie Hornsby gets a job at the firm of Riley and Newton. They combat coercion, blackmail, and a possible spy or two to take their fight to court. Buy and/or Read More

Genre: Mystery

Meet The Author

Tom Bleakley spent forty-plus years as a trial lawyer specializing in handling pharmaceutical cases against Big Pharma, and his novels are inspired by true events of his most memorable litigation experiences. He served as lead litigation counsel in Cleocin, Bendectin, latex glove multidistrict litigation, and as perennial co-chair of the Birth Defect Litigation Group of the American Trial Lawyers Association. Before he began practicing law, Tom spent seven years in the pharmaceutical industry, co-authored a two-volume textbook, A Teaching Program in Psychiatry, and designed and implemented a treatment regimen for substance abuse offenders during a three-year stint as the Director of Substance Abuse Services for the Michigan Department of Corrections. He now shares his writing time with litigating pro bono on behalf of Detroit public school children in various actions seeking improved educational experiences. He is an avid supporter of a recently established literacy program in that city. He is a snowbird and plays tuba in several concert bands in Florida and Michigan where he resides with Mary Ellen, his wife of nearly sixty years. The couple have three wonderful daughters and eight fantastic grandchildren now scattered coast-to-coast.

Tom Bleakley

Tom Bleakley
by Tom Bleakley,
$3.99 ebook,
$14.95 paperback

When young, brilliant trial lawyer Katie Hornsby is asked to defend a philandering husband from claims that he murdered his wife, she must face off against a misogynistic judge and the kind of #MeToo dilemma so painfully common among today's working women. Years after a forensic toxicologist claims to identify a muscle-paralyzing drug in the embalmed body tissue of a murder victim, her faithless husband's flight from justice is ended as he's captured and brought back to the small Michigan town to stand trial. Handed the case by an inexperienced lawyer, himself assigned to it by a former prosecutor who believes anyone accused is guilty, Katie has her work cut out for her. Her job is made even harder when the former prosecutor, now the very judge overseeing the trial, takes an intense liking to her. But Katie won't be distracted by harassment, either in or out of the courtroom. And as the trial progresses, she realizes that her biggest challenge might not be proving her client's innocence after all.
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