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A new concept in relationship marketing publications.

Mentor Business Books is a brand-new business book imprint created by AdLab Media and Absolutely Amazing eBooks.

Barry Cohen, managing member of AdLab, announced the partnership in 2019, in conjunction with Shirrel Rhoades, principal of the Florida-based publishing house. For an author whose manuscript is accepted for publication as a Mentor Business Book, the publishing fee is waived (editorial and publicity costs may still apply).

Read about this exciting new book imprint in articles published in NJBIZ and New Jersey Business magazine.

Barry Cohen, managing member of AdLab said in an announcement that the trade’s mantra is “Publish or Perish,” explaining that being published often helps professionals or entrepreneurs to raise their own profiles.

“This was a natural; we have helped many first-time authors — entrepreneurs, coaches, trainers, financial advisors, accountants and other professionals create and promote their intellectual property,” Shirrel Rhoades, principal of Absolutely Amazing e-Books said in a release. “We can now offer them an alternative to self-publishing.”

Cohen said that after writing and publishing his own books, others began seeking him out for help with their own projects.

Since the publishing world has changed dramatically over recent years, major business publishers have experienced declining revenues. As a result, these legacy publishers have become extremely risk averse and seldom take on new talent. The rise in new technologies has lowered the barriers to entry for authors to self-publish and to put out a quality product rapidly. Alternatively, they can now seek out smaller publishers such as Mentor Business Books.

“The very definition of publishing has changed,” Cohen said in a release. “Today publishing includes books, e-books, audio books, blogs, podcasts and a multitude of ways to repurpose your content for consumption.”

Our newest and best-selling titles:

Essential Tools For Process Improvement Essential Tools For Process Improvement
by Fred J. Rispoli, $24.95 paperback
This user-friendly book addresses ways you can handle the obstacles that arise in the course of managing your workplace projects. This set of process improvement tools and methods have proven to be useful in numerous environments including: manufacturing, health care, insurance and military applications. This list is still growing with new applications in IT Operations, Customer Service and Education. Process improvement means finding ways to be more efficient and to reduce the number of defects. Most of the time these projects involve numerous people, but the concepts and tools presented here still apply for small scale processes involving just one person. Buy and/or Read More
Intelligent Influence in Baseball Intelligent Influence in Baseball
by Dale G. Caldwell and Robert Hurte, $9.95 ebook, Amazon Paperback $24.95, Barnes & Noble paperback $24.95
“Baseball is a game played by teams, but it is the individual players, managers, and coaches who eventually become the focal point of our attention. While we as fans each have a favorite team – leading some to callously say that we are rooting for laundry and logos – it is the players who provide the human quality with which we can truly identify. If we didn’t know about the players, their strengths and weaknesses and their personality traits and quirks, we would likely lose interest rather quickly in watching the games. When all is said and done, it is the players, and our knowledge of them, that truly drive our interest in the sport,” says the foreword. This insightful book delivers on that promise. We say, “Play ball!”Buy and/or Read More

Mentor Business Books is a sister company of Absolutely Amazing eBooks