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Intelligent Influence in Baseball
Intelligent Influence in Baseball
by Dale G. Caldwell and Robert Hurte,
$9.95 ebook, Amazon Paperback $24.95, Barnes & Noble paperback $24.95

“Baseball is a game played by teams, but it is the individual players, managers, and coaches who eventually become the focal point of our attention. While we as fans each have a favorite team – leading some to callously say that we are rooting for laundry and logos – it is the players who provide the human quality with which we can truly identify. If we didn’t know about the players, their strengths and weaknesses and their personality traits and quirks, we would likely lose interest rather quickly in watching the games. When all is said and done, it is the players, and our knowledge of them, that truly drive our interest in the sport,” says the foreword. This insightful book delivers on that promise. We say, “Play ball!”

Intelligent Influence in Baseball