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Self-taught author rockin/ and rollin/ throught literary world. Click Here
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Keys author Leah Benner pens second 'tween book. Click Here
Dec 16, 2012
Key West Citizen - Solares Hill
on the bookshelf
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Charlie Jones:' A Fundamental American Masterpiece

Business Section, Key West Citizen, Sunday April 7, 2012
New Breed of Books Page 1
New Breed of Books Page 2.
To view Leah Benner's recent interview on "Good Morning Florida Keys" - Click Here.
March 24, 2013
Key West Citizen - Solares Hill
on the bookshelf
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Local New Arrivals Have Hit Editor's Desk

Reef Perkins Interview by Michael Haskins
Page 1

Konk Llife
ePublisher & Brooke Babineau
Reissues Key West-based Mystery Adventure Novel.

February 17, 2013
Key West Citizen - Solares Hill
on the bookshelf
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Local Publisher Brings Mystery to Worldwide Market

Florida Keys Weekly
Review of "Two Cups on My Table, Book 1" - Click Here
To view the TV interview with Roberta Islieb (A/K/A Lucy Burdette), one of the contributors to the "Murder In Key West" anthology - Click Here.
To view the TV interview with Brewster Chamberlin - Click Here

January 27, 2013
Key West Citizen - Solares Hill
on the bookshelf
Click Here for . . . a New Publishing Company

January 24, 2013
Paradise - Key West Citizen NewspaperTop 10 news

January 26, 2013
For Immediate Release:
New eBook Publisher Launches With More Than Two-Dozen Titles

A new ebook publisher - Absolutely Amazing eBooks - has just launched its web-based bookstore with more than two-dozen titles that claim an interesting niche in the ever-changing world of book publishing. Behind the launch you'll find veteran publisher Shirrel Rhoades, entertainment attorney Albert L. Kelley, and computer technician Charles A. Newman -- all three based in Key West, an island known for a literary tradition that includes Hemingway, Tennessee Williams, John Hershey, John Ciardi, Richard Wilbur, Shel Silverstein, and others.
"This is a new age of book publishing," says Rhoades, who has held senior positions at Marvel Entertainment, Scholastic, Harper's, and Reader's Digest Books and Home Entertainment. "The old economic formula doesn't work anymore. But the electronic tablet-based publishing world is a great opportunity for fresh new writers to reach their reading public. We're excited to be on the forefront with a underserved niche that's a blueprint for the future."
Absolutely Amazing eBooks plans to add four or five new titles each week. "The majority of these books are aimed at entertaining readers, covering such genres as mystery, romance, science fiction, and spy novels." While the new company also covers such topics as self-help, travel, inspiration, and even cookbooks, "It has a special affinity with popular culture," says Rhoades.
"There are a lot of good authors out there who can't get published by traditional brick-and-mortar trade publishers. They can't find an agent. They can't get a hearing with the big publishers who are scrambling to cut back in the shrinking ink-on-paper environment," says Rhoades. "Sure, these would-be authors can self-publish on Amazon and other online venues, but don't have the marketing know-how or resources to promote sales of their books. Some very good writers are caught between a rock and a hard place." "Absolutely Amazing eBooks is specializing in first-time authors and established authors with never-before-published 'trunk books.' There's a wealth of good novels and short story collections out there that hasn't found an outlet. We know how to find these books and how to market them."
Among the first ebooks available through Absolutely Amazing eBooks is a hot new romance series by Renee Kumor, a roman à clef by Lura Gorman, a Young Adult series by Leah Benner, an almost-true memoir by the legendary Reef Perkins, cultural travels with Brewster Chamberlin, never-before-published books by reclusive sci-fi writer William R. Burkett, Jr., "Nekkid Wimmin" by photographer Richard Watherwax, a picaresque novel by John L. Guerra, short stories by Rudolph Becker, screenplays, reissues of hard-to-find classics, four brand-new mystery series, and a unique collection of tales by eight Key West-based mystery writers.
These new titles are available through the company's online bookstore (AbsolutelyAmazingEbooks.com) or directly from Amazon (Kindle format) or Barnes & Noble (Nook format). And these titles will soon be available for Apple's iPad/iPod, Google, Kobo, and other e-reader devices.
On the Absolutely Amazing eBooks website, you can leisurely browse through the genre categories, check out sample pages from each book, read insightful reviews, peruse background about the authors, and more.
Even better, many AAeB titles contain a Bonus Reward code that allows the reader to access additional short stories and writings by the author - absolutely free! "Everyone who received a Kindle, iPad, or Nook for Christmas should visit Absolutely Amazing eBooks to stock up on good reading at a low price," says AAeB co-founder Albert L. Kelley. "No title is priced higher than $3.99 -- with many as low as 99 cents." "It's impossible not to find something to fit your literary appetite," says Rhoades. "Our publishing strategy is a 'Something for Everybody' approach." Absolutely Amazing eBooks already has over 200 ebooks lined up on its 2013 publishing schedule.

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For more information about this cyber publishing company, please contact promotions@absolutelyamazingebooks.com.
In Their Own Words - Interview with Shirrel Rhoades. Sept. 22, 2012. Click Here.

Here's the Channel 19 interview link:

Good Morning Florida Keys with Jenna Stauffer