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"Literature is the art of discovering something extraordinary about ordinary people, and saying with ordinary words something extraordinary." - Boris Pasternak, Dr. Zhivago.

We take good reading seriously. In addition to pure entertainment and just-fun stories, we’re proud also to bring you some of the finest writing being published today, and from time to time uncover an all-but-lost masterpiece. If you love language, a unique turn of phrase, a theme that speaks to the human condition – joy, tragedy, or wonder – you will want to peruse our virtual bookshelf.
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Mint Mint
by Teresa Swift, Amazon Paperback $23.95; Kindle $9.95; Barnes & Noble Paperback $23.95; B&N Hardcover $29.95; Nook $9.95; Kobo $9.95
Her slave name is Sarah May Robertson, but they called her Mint. Mint is 110 years old, and she has a chilling detailed account of her painful life as a slave and a free woman. Many of her experiences she has never dared to whisper. When her grandson learns about her story, he sets out to show Mint that her story is worth telling. Buy and/or Read More

Hemingway Was Murdered Hemingway Was Murdered - A Whodunit Award Winner
by Elizabeth Ritter, $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
A fictional look at the life and death of Ernest Hemingway from the perspective of his second wife Pauline. She along with her sister Jinny put up with Papa’s brawling and affairs and contretemps, despite their souring relationship. This not-quite-true mystery poses the scenario foreshadowed by the title. Buy and/or Read More

Not Quite Novellas II Not Quite Novellas II - A Celebration of Short Stories
edited by Edward Squires, $2.99 ebook, $9.95 paperback
For this new collection, bibliophile Edward Squires reached out to ten of his writer friends, asking for a piece or fiction, but did not specify a length. Just tell the story, he said. Here’s what he got. Includes a new story by John Hemingway!
Buy and/or Read More

Wisteria DreamsWisteria Dreams on the North Fork
by Teresa Taylor, $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
Based on the true story of a young girl who discovers the beauty of flowers, sea shells and butterfly weeds. She packs her diary and finds Bob, the man of her life. She continues to admire the Wisteria Cottage daily, with the hope to live in such a home someday. Buy and/or Read More

A Principle of LightA Principle of Light
by J.E. Irvin,
$3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
Caught in the turmoil of a seething Turkey during the political upheavals of 2016, the two women, strangers to each other, witness a bombing that brings them together and sets them on a path of danger. Buy and/or Read More

Stranded VesselsStranded Vessels
A novel by Harry Schroeder, $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
Stung by the death of his father and of his friend, Jack Colcroft goes home to research their lives. Both were betrayed by the traditions of America which they and their ancestors had made, as was the country itself, which has hardly begun to heal cultural divisions which the Vietnam war aggravated. Buy and/or Read More

Scripts of All SortsScripts of All Sorts - For Stage, Radio and Screen
by Brewster Chamberlin, $2.99 ebook, $11.95 paperback
A new collection of short plays and script treatments that will enthrall fans of the theater, whether the performance is on the stage, radio, or other medium. We’re offering a special lower-than-normal price to entice readers who will appreciate Brewster’s way with words. Buy and/or Read More

Sexual SurvivorSexual Survivor: A Novel
by Larry Lentchner, $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
Here is an intimate look into the very personal traumas of a therapy group for women that have been sexually abused – mainly by their fathers – as they struggle to understand and overcome their past abuse and move forward with their lives. Buy and/or Read More >>>

Christmas at Red ButteChristmas at Red Butte - And Other Short Holiday stories
By L. M. Montgomery - - Edited by Hollis George,
$0.99 full-color ebook
Here is a giant-sized collection of Lucy Maud Montgomery's Christmas short stories – plus a bonus Christmas-themed novella, The Abbot’s Ghost – 16 tales in all. Buy and/or Read More >>>

Venus Mons IliadVenus Mons Iliad (book 3)
by William R. Burkett, Jr. $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
The third (and maybe final) installment of one man’s journey through a life filled with a strange species called “woman.” Here are a writer’s sexual memoirs, the disintegrating marriage, the affairs, the phone sex, the career challenges, and the accompanying “black dog” of depression. Buy and/or Read More >>>

Hemingway’s HOT HavanaHemingway’s HOT Havana - Part 7 -The Hemingway Monologues
by Brian Gordon Sinclair, $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
The Hemingway Monologues consist of seven plays. The first six plays present the Hemingway chronology from birth to death. Hemingway’s HOT Havana is the seventh play of the series. Here is a stage play that illuminates both the writing and the life of Ernest Hemingway in equal measures..Buy and/or Read More >>>

SoulmatesSoulmates and Other Stories
by R.K. Simpson, $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
Soulmates has arrived and does not disappoint. Simpson’s plots are devious, his characters real because they are struggling with their own good and evil intentions. Soulmates will stay with you for some time.
Buy and/or Read More >>>

Venus Mons Iliad 2Venus Mons Iliad (book 2)
by William R. Burkett, Jr. $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
Here we continue with the recounting of a man’s journey through a life filled with a strange species called “woman.” If men are from Mars and women from Venus, here is a sci-fi writer exploring the space between them.
Buy and/or Read More >>>

Venus Mons IliadVenus Mons Iliad
by William R. Burkett, Jr. $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
Like Homer’s Iliad, this too is an epic story, the recounting of a man’s journey, in this case through a life filled with a strange species called "woman." If men are from Mars and women from Venus, here is a sci-fi writer exploring the space between them. Buy and/or Read More >>>

Moving OnMoving On
by Larry Presby, $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
Read as both a sequel to Twice Caught and a stand-alone novel, Moving On brings new characters and situations. Healing from wounds by a jealous neighbor seeking their property, a young couple carries on the past owner’s heritage.. Buy and/or Read More >>>

Bugsy’s Ghost Terrorizes VegasBugsy’s Ghost Terrorizes Vegas and other tabloid tales
by Gary Alexander, $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
Here are 17 entertaining tales from Gary Alexander with themes you might think were ripped from the pages of the Weekly International Tattler
Buy and/or Read More >>>

Hemingway 6The Hemingway Monologues: Part 6 – Sunset
by Brian Gordon Sinclair, $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
Why did Ernest Hemingway kill himself? The answer is here in Sunset, a must-read story for all lovers of Hemingway’s books, for anyone intrigued by his life and death. A convincing and evocative portrayal of Ernest Hemingway.
Buy and/or Read More >>>

7 Voices (Volume Two)7 Voices (Volume Two)
by the North Fork Writers Group, $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
In this notable anthology from a group of Long Island, New York, authors, you will find nearly thirty stories and reflections. The titles themselves are intriguing and reflect the variety and creativity of the selections Buy and/or Read More >>>

The Hemingway MonologuesThe Hemingway Monologues: Part Five: The Death Factory
by Brian Gordon Sinclair, $3.99 ebook, $14.5 paperback
This one-man two-act play premiered, after several delays, in Key West, Florida. While serving in “the death factory” that is World War Two, his emotional resources are strained when his first born son is taken prisoner by the Nazis. Buy and/or Read More >>>

No JobsNo Jobs Available:
A Laid-off White-Collar Worker Chases The Lost American Dream

by Zane Smith, $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
He and his Mexican girlfriend, dressed as salvation Armey volunteers, "mule" cartel money from the USA to Sinaloa. But she betrays him and he finds himself trapped in Mexico fighting for his life. Buy and/or Read More >>>

Hunted in Paradise Hunted in Paradise
by John Holt, $3.99 ebook; $14.95 paperback
Jack Graves lived off the land, hunting and fishing and making his own way in this harsh, dry country that lay well away from cities. Free. Lonesome. No rules. But then his solitude is interrupted. Dark Star helicopters hovering over Mad Woman Gulch. Fires. Dead men. Buy and/or Read More >>>

The Hemingway Monologues The Hemingway Monologues: An Epic Drama of Love, Genius and Eternity
Part Four: The Man-Eaters

by Brian Gordon Sinclair, $3.99 ebook, $9.95 paperback
The Man-Eaters is the fourth play in a multi-play series which illuminates both the writing and the life of Ernest Hemingway in equal measures. The Man-Eaters is a must read for all lovers of Hemingway’s books. Buy and/or Read More >>>

Plain Crazy in Paradise Plain Crazy in Paradise - A Noir Western Love Song
(Examinations of Paradise No. 3
by John Holt, $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
This novel is about poet John Wesley Gill, who lives in the Sweet Grass Hills, and his struggle to come to grips with the changing West as he also decides to resurrect his writing career . . . Buy and/or Read More >>>

Humpty Dumpty Goes Kersplat Humpty Dumpty Goes Kersplat!
by Gary Alexander, $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
As the greenest private eye at the Aalborg Detective Agency, Bick Bates gets assigned a “nuisance file,” a case nobody else wants to touch. Herbie Barnwell was a skid-row bum who was still in a coma, the result of a mysterious mugging. Buy and/or Read More >>>

Damn Near Broke Damn Near Broke
by Gary Alexander, $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
Buddy and Martha Whitacre, a blue-collar couple, celebrate early retirement with a trip to Spain. They return home to discover that they’ve been wiped out by the investment fund that made retirement and travel possible. Buy and/or Read More >>>

Family Rules Family Rules
by Teresa Taylor, $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
Like many women, Katherine Gabrielli's problems revolve around the men in her life: the control freak, the psychopath, the rogue and the liar. All of them have led her into serious danger in one way or another. How can she trust any of them, when she can't understand them nor escape them? Buy and/or Read More >>>

First GonzoThe First Gonzo Journalist
by Shirrel Rhoades, $3.99 eboook paperback, $14.95
Dr. Hunter S. Thompson is considered to be the first gonzo journalist. Butthere were writers doing first person stories long before 1970. Shirrel Rhoades, for instance. Here is a collection of some of the features stories that earned him that little-known place in literary history. Buy and/or Read More >>>

 Hemingway MonologuesThe Hemingway Monologues: An Epic Drama of Love, Genius and Eternity
Part Three: Death in the Afternoon

by Brian Gordon Sinclair, $3.99 ebook, $9.95 paperback
With The Hemingway Monologues Brian Gordon Sinclair gives us an intimate insight into the circumstances that shaped the famed author’s life and inspired him in his writing. Buy and/or Read More >>>

50 Not A Love StoryNot A Love Story
by Jerome Grapel, $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
This powerful debut novel is, primarily, a look at human love-lust and how it can manifest itself. But it is also a detailed description of how a lovely place turns into what is now generically called a "tourist trap," as well as a book with a worldview that is a pivotal part of its discourse. Buy and/or Read More >>>

Shadow of a SoldierShadow of a Soldier
Army Tales From an Unpublished Diary & Other Orphan Stories,

by William R. Burkett, Jr. $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
While serving as a husky young MP in Europe, noted sci-fi author Bill Burkett kept a diary of his misadventures, encounters, romances, and sightseeing. Later, he turned these scribblings into what he calls Brautigans. Buy and/or Read More >>>

Babes In Adland Babes In Adland
by Monica De Vargas, $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
Babes in Adland is a pithy, perky, ball-busting roman à clef of life in an ‘80s-something advertising agency, told from the female POV. TOM (The Office Mom), along with a receptionist known as The Sphinx, and a host of Babes, share the unvarnished side of females in the world of (M)AD MEN.
Buy and/or Read More >>>

Bad Elements Bad Elements
By Gary Alexander $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
Gary Alexander does it again, another experimental novel that will tickle your intellect while it plucks at your emotions. Using the periodical table as its framework, this story unfolds element by element.
Buy and/or Read More >>>

The Lost Patrol The Lost Patrol Cold Death in Paradise
by John Holt $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
Can men overcome their darkest nature and most compelling fears, even if it ultimately leads to their deaths? The Arctic north of Canada is the setting for The Lost Patrol where four men, led by Royal Northwest Mounted Police, attempt to deliver mail to the district office. Buy and/or Read More >>>

More Than Two More Than Two - A novel
by James Esposito, $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
It explores the relationship between fact and fiction, and between memory and imagination. It can be read as a parody or as an authentic narrative, depending upon the reader’s starting point. It invites the reader into self-reflection as a form of confession. It a fascinating mind game. Buy and/or Read More >>>

Life Love SexLife, Love & Sex of the Newly Single Adult
by Justin Maxwell, $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
When Brian Demers finds himself widowed, he’s completely at loose ends. He winds up in Islamorada in the Florida Keys. From there he goes north again where he helps restore an abandoned lighthouse, and meets the Keeper’s Girl. Buy and/or Read More >>>

Where Paradise LayWhere Paradise Lay (Examinations of Paradise #1)
by John Holt, $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
Natalie and the valley’s derelicts live in a wilderness paradise, but a gold mining company is about to savage a local mountain known as Jane’s Hill. Can they stop it? Painter Bob is stirring up local folk, saying they should bomb the mine. My God, what if they did? Buy and/or Read More >>>

Not Quite NovellaNot Quite Novellas
edited by Edward Squires, $2.99 ebook, $9.95 paperback
Here we have collected 10 of our favorite short stories by AAeB authors – a touch saucy, offering insights into the human heart, always well told. An entertaining blend of storytelling selected by short story aficionado Edward Squires.
Buy and/or Read More >>>

Father's DayFather’s Day
by Gary Alexander, $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
Like father, like son. Whomever coined that one had never heard of Joe and Stanley Buckley. Joe is a ne'er-do-well fugitive who tends bar in Belize. All he knows of the son he hasn't seen in years is that "he likes computers," the understatement of the year. Buy and/or Read More >>>

Blood of Our ChildrenBlood of Our Children,
by Paul Wolfe, $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
As the young man known as Angel and his ragtag group of strays and castaways battle the streets, the pushers, in the basements, alleys and deserted parks of New York, Anneke stands beside them. Even as it all spirals out of control to a breakneck conclusion. Not for the faint of heart. Buy and/or Read More >>>

The Mortician's Road TripThe Mortician's Road Trip
by James D. Loy $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
Upstate New Yorker Baz Rathbone makes ends meet by selling human skulls. By contract, he should cremate them, but he doesn't. His little business comes to the attention of the FBI when a woman spots her late husband's skull being used as a candlestand by a skinhead. Buy and/or Read More >>>

Bone Island MaggieBone Island Maggie
by Peg Gregory, $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
"Bone Island Maggie is as classic a Key West character as you are likely to meet either in a book or strolling Duval Street. Her smile may be toothless, but her bite certainly isn't as she doggedly tracks down the brutal killer of an old friend. Buy and/or Read More >>>

Circle City Slam7 Voices (Volume One)
by the North Fork Writers Group, $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
In this notable anthology you will find more than two-dozen stories and reflections.The seven voices in this volume are Teresa Taylor, Gene Rackovitch, David Porteous, Kit Storjohann, Joyce DeCordova, Jean Schweibish, and Susan Rosenstreich. Buy and/or Read More >>>

Hemingway MonologuesThe Hemingway Monologues: An Epic Drama of Love, Genius and Eternity Part Two: The Lost Generation
by Brian Gordon Sinclair, $3.99 ebook, $9.95 paperback
With The Hemingway Monologues Brian Gordon Sinclair gives us an intimate insight into the circumstances that shaped the famed author’s life and inspired him in his writing. Buy and/or Read More >>>

Snake Handler's DaughterThe Snake Handler's Daughter Tales of Sex & Intrigue In Amity, Kentucky
by P. A. Lassiter, $3.99 ebook, $18.95 paperback
At 66 years old, Martha Browne, daughter of a snake handling preacher gone missing, is desperate to find love. Her latest prospect, 43-year-old Arthur Endicott, the new priest at her adopted Episcopal Church, shows great promise, though unbeknownst to her, he's been banished to Amity . . . Buy and/or Read More >>>

The Typing RoomThe Typing Room
by Monica De Vargas $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
The ad read: “Need Help? Bills due? Tired of ducking the Landlord? Come One Come All to The Typing Room! We pay good, honest Money for your Story of Desperation and Despair.” It led to a room with a coin-operated typewriter where you could pour out your troubles . . . Buy and/or Read More >>>

The Illustration of Tommy T.The Illustration of Tommy T. & Other Short Stories
by G.J. Cook, $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
When he's not making music, Blues Hall of Famer Jersey Slim (A/K/A George Cook) writes short stories, songs, and poetry. This imaginative collection of 8 short stories take you inside a very special world where you'll follow Tommy T. as he seeks to cover his body in tattoo . . . Buy and/or Read More >>>

Book of Facts: a novelA Book of Facts: a novel
by G.R. Alexander,, $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
This book started as a dream and wound up as a strange "novel" told A to Z. Not your typical storytelling approach, but one that will tickle your intellect and give you an assortment of facts that fashion an unusual fiction. It resembles a Farmer's Almanac or World Almanac. Buy and/or Read More >>>

Like A Rolling StoneLike A Rolling Stone
by Mark Howell, $3.95 ebook, $14.95 paperback.
This is "the mad misadventures of two English lads crossing America as the Rolling Stones." The pair of rapscallions in this delightful novel find that posing as famous rockers is an aphrodisiac to midwestern girls during their cross-country journey . . . until facts of their impersonation catch up with them.Buy and/or Read More >>>

Les MiserableLes Miserables, by Victor Hugo
$1.99 ebook
After seeing Anne Hathaway in Les Miserables – the new movie musical based on Victor Hugo’s classic tale of the French Revolution – you’ll want to read the original story for yourself. And here’s a 5-volume ebook edition that’s very affordable, costing less than $2. Buy and/or Read More >>>

How the Mighty Have FallenHow the Mighty Have Fallen
by Justin Maxwell, $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback.
When Jimmy and Emily hit rock bottom, losing everything, they took her uncle up on his offer of his 34-foot, 1963 Hatteras. It was a chance to start over. Little did they know the danger that lay ahead, and the cache of diamonds that might very well be their ultimate undoing. Buy and/or Read More >>>

Almost HavanaAlmost Havana
by Fred and Chris Belland, $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
This is like two books in one, two collections of short stories by two brothers writing independently of each other, but with a common thread. Here you will find stories about people and events in Florida and the Caribbean -- so close to Cuba they call it Almost Havana. Buy and/or Read More >>>

The Hemingway Monologues:The Hemingway Monologues: An Epic Drama of Love, Genius and Eternity Part One: Sunrise
by Brian Gordon Sinclair, $3.99 ebook, $9.95 paperback
The Hemingway Monologues reads like an intimate memoir. A fascinating blend of fact and fiction, the monologues reveal a tender, compassionate side of Hemingway . . . Buy and/or Read More >>>

Three Christmas Gifts Three Christmas Gifts A Trio of Holiday Short Stories
by William R. Burkett, Jr.,$2.99 ebook
Bill Burkett offers up three Christmas stories from three of his short story collections-"A Santa Claus Story", "Christmas in Nassau", and "L.A. Christmas" Buy and/or Read More >>>

Webley 45Webley .45 And Other Short Stories,
by R.K. Simpson, $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
There is real diversity in the short stories that make up the Webley .45 collection. You may even find that one or two of these stories "will drift like phantom companions along the edges of your mind" long after you meet them in this captivating book. Buy and/or Read More >>>

EbolaEbola, a novel
by Dale Dapkins, $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
EBOLA is a fast paced, medical fact-based vision of the deadly virus narrated by popular fictional sleuth, Golden Blackmon. EBOLA, a novel is written in the rare genre of immediate historical fiction Buy and/or Read More >>>

The Jazz BuyerThe Jazz Buyer
by Hal Howland, $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
From Acrophobia to Oratorio to Public Sex, the themes found in Hal Howland's collection of short stories are eclectic. What do you do when your CIA dad disappears is the question posed in "Dad Fakes His Death and Goes West."
Buy and/or Read More >>>

Uncle Moe and the Martha Vineyard FrackersUncle Moe and the Martha's Vineyard Frackers
by James Loy, $3.99 ebook; $14.95 paperback
While living out his widower's retirement, Moe Thibault, is sent an obituary from Martha's Vineyard. Could this have been his long-lost brother? However, the appearance of energy prospectors intent on setting up a fracking operation offers a threat to the Vineyard. . . Buy and/or Read More >>>

The Gift HorseThe Gift Horse
by Leslie Silton, $3.99 ebook, $17.00 paperback
Maggie Malone is a first-class painter who just graduated from art school. But every time she gets a foot in the door in the gallery scene in New York City something goes wrong. She can’t figure out if this is normal or if she is actually being targeted by unseen forces. Buy and/or Read More >>>

Cities and WomenCities & Women
by Hal Howland, ebook $3.99, paperback $14.95
An amazing collection of short stories from Key West writer and musician Hal Howland, you will encounter several popular characters from Howland’s previous titles and introduces a world of unforgettable newcomers.
Buy and/or Read More >>>

Circus at the End of the WorldThe Circus at the End of the World
by Rosalind Brackenbury, Ebook $3.99, paperback $14.95
Here is the mesmerizing story a boy's search for his mother, a woman's desire to explore the world, and a man's longing for love.
Buy and/or Read More >>>

Russias BestRussia's Best Short Stories (Illustrated)
edited by Thomas Seltzer, ebook $3.99, paperback $14.95
From Chekhov to Gorky, Pushkin to Dostoyevsky, Russian writers have long been celebrated for their excellent short fiction. Even Tolstoy, the author of War and Peace, one of the longest novels ever written, wrote short stories.
Buy and/or Read More >>>

Waiting for Something to HappenWaiting For Something To Happen And Other Short Stories
by Bill Lorraine, ebook $3.99, paperback $14.95
This amazing collection of short stories from Bill Lorraine has to be at the top of your reading list. From the title story to "The Playing Field," these stories will take you from the tree-shrouded streets of Key West to the hardwood hammocks in sight of the Oversees Highway. Buy and/or Read More >>>

Newspaper GypsyNewspaper Gypsy
by William R. Burkett,Jr.
ebook $3.99, paperback $14.95
The career of a newspaper journalist told as a series of short stories, each more fascinating than the one before. This saga of a reporter's career is real enough to be true. Buy and/or Read More >>>

Flappers and PhilosphersFlappers and Philosophers (Illustrated)
by F. Scott Fitzgerald ebook $3.99, paperback $14.95
Another entry into the Absolutely Amazing eBooks series of Illustrated Classics, this nearly forgotten collection of Jazz Age short stories by Fitzgerald takes on a new life with over 100 colorful photographic illustrations. Buy and/or Read More >>>

Fish FoodFish Food (a novel about life, death, and commas)
by James D. Loy, ebook $3.99, paperback $14.95
Michael Uxem is a grammar-obsessed, hearing-impaired evolutionary biologist who shares his home on Martha's Vineyard with three cats, an irascible parrot, and a tankful of red-bellied piranhas (his wife left him years ago for an Andersen Windows salesman). Buy and/or Read More >>>

The Heat The Heat, by Bill Lorraine, ebook $3.99, paperback $14.95
The unique, colorful island of Key West plays an important part in this story. The town's physical beauty and population of creative people help shape and define the three main characters -- Felix, Jamie, and the woman they both love, Rachael. Getting to know this triangle will give you a spectacular sense of what it's like to live and work in Key West. Buy and/or Read More >>>

The Pea-Green Boat The Pea-Green Boat and other unsettling stories
by William R. Burkett,Jr. ebook $3.99, paperback $14.95
Ever read a story that made the hairs on your arms stand up? Well, get ready for a few unexpected chills as you read this new collection of short stories from the pen of William R. Burkett, Jr. Each of these stories are slightly off-center, just enough to be . . . unsettling. Buy and/or Read More >>>

RRobert Frost Contest The 2013 Robert Frost International Poetry & Haiku Contest
by The Studios of Key West, ebook $3.99, paperback $14.95
For the first time, the annual winners and selected entries have been collected into one volume, available both as an ebook and paperback edition. Here are more than 150 wonderful poems and haikus by some of today’s most talented poets
Buy and/or Read More >>>

Mary Shelley's Forbidden Dreams Mary Shelley's Forbidden Dreams (Illustrated Edition),
edited by Hollis George, ebook $3.99, paperback $14.95
You probably know about Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley writing Frankenstein following a night of ghost stories in a seaside mansion in Switzerland. But did you know she wrote a number of other dream-like novels, short stories, and plays.
Buy and/or Read More >>>

Snowing A Little In Paris Snowing A Little in Paris, And Other Cold War Stories
by William R. Burkett,Jr.,
ebook $3.99, paperback $14.95
Another masterful collection of short fiction. Here are impressionistic stories about military days in Europe and budding love in the City of Lights.
A Paris Chapbook A Paris Chapbook,
by Brewster Chamberlin,
ebook $2.99, paperback $14.95
An intellectually stimulating collection of other people's opinions, comments, and critiques of Paris. Chamberlin describes these snippets as . . .
After August After August,
by William R. Burkett,Jr.,
ebook $2.99, paperback $14.95
The time was 1959. Walter was a cook at Dawson’s Famous Seafood Restaurant supporting his tubercular wife in an inland sanatorium and their daughter . . .
Mean Grey Old Morning Mean Grey Old Morning,
by William R. Burkett,Jr.,
ebook $2.99, paperback $14.95
"Immolation of someone else's diary was not how I had planned to start my day – it was a mean grey old morning, but I didn't know then that was what to call it. . ."
Shorts of all Sorts Shorts of All Sorts,
by Brewster Chamberlin,
ebook $2.99, paperback $14.95
A unique collection of short stories, poems, and plays by the author of Love's Poison and Other Poems . . .
Sex Salvage and Secrets Sex, Salvage & Secrets,
by Reef Perkins,
ebook $3.99, paperback $14.95
Reef Perkins has led a colorful life – combat veteran, smuggler, and salvager. He tells all in this funny and fascinating memoir.

The Venice StoriesThe Venice Stories
by Randolph W.B. Becker, $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
These mesmerizing short stories offer a dozen glimpses into the experience of Venice, its people and its surprises, written during the author's sabbatical stay in Cannaregio Buy and/or Read More >>>