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Publishing Team

We’d like to introduce the Absolutely Amazing eBooks staff, the key people who bring these new ebooks to you.


Shirrel RhoadesShirrel Rhoades

Publisher. With 45 years as a senior executive in the book and magazine world, Shirrel has dusted off his old skills and applied them to a new digital world. When a vice president with the Reader’s Digest Book and Home Entertainment Division, he published a wide range of bestselling books, including The Complete Guide to Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements which has sold more than 6-million copies worldwide. Also he has held senior positions with Scholastic, Marvel Entertainment, and Harper’s, as well as serving as fiction editor for The Saturday Evening Post. Currently, he moonlights as a syndicated film critic for the Cooke Communications newspaper chain. His Key West home is filled with dogs and cats.

Albert L. KelleyAlbert L. Kelley

Business and Legal Director. An attorney specializing in Entertainment Law, Al is as creative as he is a legal eagle. Married into a large extended Key West family, he produces films and oversees the Captain Tony festival in addition to practicing law. His island home came with a cat.

Hollis GeorgeHollis George

Editorial Director. A bit of an egghead, Hollis has been a college professor and museum director as well as an award-winning journalist. He has been described as having "a magpie memory that collects bright and shiny facts." His years of living in New York City have given him an insider's knowledge of the book publishing industry. He has a small dog named Buttercup.

Pamela PaigePamela Paige

Senior Editor. A long-time journalist and feature writer, Pam got her start writing for a newspaper Sunday magazine. After three marriages, she specializes in the Romance genre and loves reviewing new books. Pam shares her house with 2 ½ cats.

Rosemary MasonRosemary Mason

Senior Editor. The pen name of self-professed bon vivant, Rosie lends her guidance to a wide variety of book genres, from non-fiction to young adult, mysteries to cookbooks. This byline has appeared in publications for more than 40 years. Devoted to animal rescue, she has even more cats than Pam.

Diane BradyDiane Brady

Marketing Director. A founding Senior Vice President of Grey Direct, a subsidiary of the world’s largest advertising agency, Dee Dee is a well-known marketing consultant and control-winning copywriter. Her clients have ranged from National Geographic to The Miami Herald, Hollywood Reporter to Smithsonian. Also she is a former executive with The New York Times where she held the title of Vice President, Consumer Products. She counts two dogs and various cats as members of her family.

Terry Carper

Assistant Publisher and Promotion Manager. After a 30 year career in corporate sales, marketing and management, Terry retired to Key West with his new wife, Jane Carper. Jane is also the webmaster for Absolutely Amazing eBooks. When they are not working together they enjoy fishing, diving, and sailing here in Key West.


Jane RohrschneiderJane Carper

Webmaster. Known as Key West Jane, she’s a successful web designer and computer specialist. When not dog sitting, or creating art, she likes to go fishing and diving with her husband Terry.