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Mystery / Thriller
by Tom Bleakley,
$3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback

When young, brilliant trial lawyer Katie Hornsby is asked to defend a philandering husband from claims that he murdered his wife, she must face off against a misogynistic judge and the kind of #MeToo dilemma so painfully common among today's working women. Years after a forensic toxicologist claims to identify a muscle-paralyzing drug in the embalmed body tissue of a murder victim, her faithless husband's flight from justice is ended as he's captured and brought back to the small Michigan town to stand trial. Handed the case by an inexperienced lawyer, himself assigned to it by a former prosecutor who believes anyone accused is guilty, Katie has her work cut out for her. Her job is made even harder when the former prosecutor, now the very judge overseeing the trial, takes an intense liking to her. But Katie won't be distracted by harassment, either in or out of the courtroom. And as the trial progresses, she realizes that her biggest challenge might not be proving her client's innocence after all.
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