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7 Voices (Volume Two)
7 Voices (Volume Two)
by the North Fork Writers Group,
$3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback

In this notable anthology from a group of Long Island, New York, authors, you will find nearly thirty stories and reflections. The titles themselves are intriguing and reflect the variety and creativity of the selections – “Bad Bounce,” “Slow Moving Clouds, 1957,” “Freddy the Fluffer,” “The Princess and the Turnip Eater,” “That Silk Dress,” “What Good People Do About Us,” “Playground of Wraiths,” “Racing Cockroaches,” and “The Last Stop” ... they’re all here in these delightful, thoughtful, imaginative, entertaining stories. The voices in this volume are Helen Munson, J. David Porteous, Christopher ‘Kit’ Storjohann, Joyce DeCordova, Gerard Meade, Andrea Rhude, William Eue, and Susan Rosenstreich.
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Seven Voices 2