“I've written some standalone novels, but a book series allows fans in. There's much more intense involvement.” - George R.R. Martin, A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thorns) series

“I've always found the second book in a series is the hardest to write.” - Rick Riordan, Percy Jackson & the Olympian series

If you love a character, you want more. So readers often look to book series as a way to have an ongoing relationship with a favorite hero, heroine, detective, spy, cowpoke … or author.

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Here are AAeB’s most popular book series and book sets.

Tim and Moira Coyle Courtroom Thrillers
By Ben Kelley
A whip-smart attorney and his paralegal wife take on automotive companies, judges, even deranged killers in this exciting legal series.

Murder In Key West
Edited by Shirrel Rhoades
These short mysteries set in Key West feature writers ranging from Heather Graham to Michael Haskins, Mike Dennis to Lucy Burdett, Robert Coburn to Jonathan Woods.

Quilters Club Mysteries,
By Marjory Sorrell Rockwell
In this bestselling mystery series, four friends in a small Midwestern town belong to a quilting group, and act as quasi-detectives when faced with hometown mysteries that involve crooked politicians, witch hunters, Viking treasures, hungry circus lions, haunted mansions, and more!

River Bend Chronicles
By Renee Kumor
Lynn Powers, a newcomer to town, and local police detective Dusty Reid get involved in mystery and romance.

Marlow: Key West Mysteries,
By Bill Craig
A broken former NYPD cop, Rick Marlow migrates south to Key West, figuring the end of the road might mean a new beginning. And it is -- the beginning of trouble!

Will and Betsy Black Adventures
By David and Nancy Beckwith
A husband and wife team of financial whizzes get drawn into crimes ranging from drug smuggling to Ponzi schemes to murder most foul.

Phantom Cooks Mysteries
By Maryjane Elizabeth Jones
Three friends start a home catering business in the small New England town of Danger Rocks only to become embroiled in murders and mysteries that go beyond the kitchen.

Jack Hunter Mysteries
Adman Jack Hunter gets caught up in murders and mysterious deaths from L.A. to Miami to Key West.

Chandler: Circle City Mysteries
By Bill Craig
Phillip Chandler used to be Chicago cop, but after a run-in with corrupt officials left him jobless, he moved south to Indianapolis, Indiana, and opened up shop as a private eye. It’s a dangerous job.

St. Julian Parish Mysteries
Sheriff JT Wainscot solves homicides in the backwaters of Louisiana’s colorful St. Julian Parish.

Rainy City Mysteries
By William R. Burkett, Jr.
During the ‘70s in Seattle, private eye Eddie Hummel does what’s necessary to solve his cases.

Bill Roedock Novels
By Robert Stave
Former Airborne Ranger Bill Roedock joins his old comrades to take on mercenary assignments that require a certain … skill.

Second Take (Illustrated)
By Randall Parrish and H.L. Osterman
Old pulp adventures updated to modern sensibilities, replete with sex, shoot-‘em-ups, kidnappings, and puzzling murders.

Joe Collins Mysteries
By Bill Craig
As a cop, Joe Collins knew there were bad people out there -- serial killers -- monsters that needed to be caught … and eliminated. His vigilante brand of justice makes that happen.

JFK Assassination Unraveled
By Tim Gratz and Mark Howell
Nearly 3/4 of the American people believe the death of the 35nd President of the United States was the result of a conspiracy. Unlike other books that drown you in a sea of conflicting information, these well-researched volumes present small groups of facts that logically prove the findings of the Warren Commission wrong.

Front Row at the Movies
By Shirrel Rhoades
A syndicated film critic shares hundreds of reviews of the year’s most interesting movies -- including plot synopses, backgrounds, interviews, quotes, and insightful appraisals.

Top Ten Movie Lists
By Shirrel Rhoades
Your favorite movies ranked by a movie maestro. Best in a genre? Biggest flubs? Worst performances? Nothing about the cinema escapes this fascinating collection of Top Tens.

For ME! Children’s Books
Words by Rosemary Mason, Illustrations by Igor Zakowski
Simple picture/rhyme books that familiarize younger children with the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, and more!

Loy’s Loonies
By James Loy
Wild, wacky -- and looney -- characters march through the pages of these books, ranging from mad frackers to larcenous morticians to piranha-loving murders.

Look See Picture Books
Picture books that take you from zoos to horses to bacchanalian street festivals, these provide eye candy you’ll not soon forget.

By Jane Dawkins
Modern and historical romances from the author who brought you acclaimed sequels to Jane Eyre’s novels.

Absolutely Amazing Pulp Classics
Edited by Shirrel Rhoades
From Black Cat to Weird Tales, those old pulp magazines were a cornucopia of mind-bending short stories that gave rise to writers like Ray Bradbury and John D. MacDonald. Here are collections of the best of the best.

The Karma Chronicles
By C.J. Daniels
Sam Rossi has protected the world for 800 years from The Coming, and he wasn't going to let a little thing like death get in his way as he fights to protect humanity from being destroyed.

Absolutely Amazing Erotic Classics (Illustrated)
Call it “once forbidden literature,” this series delivers titillating vintage erotica from past eras.

Fifty Shades Erotica (Illustrated)
By Frank Holtzer
Sexually explicit tales by a writer best described as a “dirty old man.” Guaranteed to raise your prurient interest.

Time Travel Classics
Edited by H.L. Osterman
Culled from classic sci-fi magazines are these time travel tales that jump you from the past to the future and back again.

Spy Mates
By Chuck van Soy
Bret Lee, a retired US Army chemical engineer, and his Chinese wife, Chu-Lin, become enmeshed in CIA missions to overthrow international plots from Venezuela to China.

Kate Brown Journals
Follow the coming-of-age adventures of teen poet and dreamer Kate Brown.

Commando Inc.
By C.J. Daniels
Commando Inc. is a covert Terran military team created to fight off the mighty Starfleet of alien invaders.

You Can Go There Travel Series
A collection of fascinating side trips that make you feel like you’re traveling there yourself.

Retro Sci-Fi Stories
Edited by H.L. Osterman
Imaginative collections of classic sci-fi stories about robots and their clanky lot.

Zane Grey’s Two-Gun Tales (Illustrated)
Classic Westerns by that master of the sagebrush, Zane Grey – presented two books at a time.




The Hemingway Monologues
By Brian Gordon Sinclair
The one-man plays are by an actor-playwright known as “the foremost dramatic interpreter of Ernest Hemingway in the world today.”

7 Voices: Stories and Reflections
Mesmerizing short stories from the North Fork Writers Group, a talented collection of authors on Long Island.

Mumm Trilogy
By Barthélemy Banks
Retired CIA shooter Leslie Carroll Mumm and his exotic island-born wife outmaneuver the Libyans and his own spymasters in these sexy thrillers.

A Footnote to History
By William R. Burkett, Jr.
The rule of unintended consequences governs when a newlywed is taken out of Time to be trained for a lethal mission by Terran Service.

Because You Never Asked
By Jerome Grapel
Essay and commentary by a thought-leader dubbed “Post Consumer Man.”

Greatest Hits . . .
By Albert L. Kelley
This indispensible cross-reference lists to the top popular music of each decade.

Two Cups on My Table
By Lura Gorman
These roman a clefs offer a three-way romance that takes you from Key West to Russia and back again.

The Duck Hunter Diaries (Illustrated)
By William R. Burkett, Jr.
Bill Burkett has devoted many years to the sport of hunting ducks, all the while keeping a careful diary of his experiences out on the water with his dog and gun.

All the Queen’s Men
By Andre Norton
These Solar Queen space opera novels by a Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America grandmaster should be on the reading list of every sci-fi fan.

By Lura Gorman
An antebellum saga about a great Southern plantation and the people who call it home -- former slaves and onetime owners and their descendants.

A Matter of Logistics
By William R. Burkett, Jr.
After being banished into deep space and forgotten, these outcasts of Earth make contact with alien species and raise a great army for their return.

Prize Winners
By Dale Dapkins
These prizewinning short stories are from the pen of “the father of social science fiction.”

Anne of Green Gables (Illustrated)
By L.M. Montgomery
Illustrated versions of the beloved classics about an orphan growing up at Green Gables on Prince Edwards Island.