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Mystery / Thriller
2020 Novel
A Battle for Justice
Sons of Jacob (Book V)
by J.B. Vosler
$3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback

What do a mysterious little girl, a brilliant and beautiful U.S. Senator, and an international prince of commerce have in common? The three have pledged their hearts to one another, unaware that their fates are twisted in the hands of a deluded Pentagon official, Edward Morningstar. He wields his power through the exploitation of an odd assortment of disaffected soldiers, affectionately referred to as The Sons of Jacob. A BATTLE FOR JUSTICE is a battle for the soul. It is a fight ... not only against Morningstar and his army, but against one son in particular, the killer Cobra. This fight is now in the hands of a Private Inquiry agent, Mark Justice. Trusted not only by Senator Cynthia Madison, but by Scotland Yard, it is Justice who wins the confidence of the innocent child, Lili, who – even from the grave – seeks justice for a troubled world.
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A Battle For Justice