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Short Story Collection

Bugsy’s Ghost Terrorizes Vegas
Bugsy’s Ghost Terrorizes Vegas
and other tabloid tales

by Gary Alexander,
$3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback

Here are 17 entertaining tales from Gary Alexander with themes you might think were ripped from the pages of the Weekly International Tattler: • Roswell Woman Is An Alien Love Child
• Killer Theme Parks From Hell
• Satan Adapts To Times, Offers Lease-Option On Souls
• Midget Makes Mucho Moola For The Mob
• Einstein’s Time-Space Continuum Is A Car Wreck
• Banana Republic Goes Bananas
• JFK Assassin Still On The Loose
• Reincarnated Aesop Updates Fable
• Bugsy’s Ghost Terrorizes Vegas
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Bugsy's Ghost