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Buried in Grant’s Tomb
Buried in Grant’s Tomb
and Other Fascinating Side Trips,
You Can Go There Travel Series
(Book 3: Off-the-Beaten-Path New York Places)

by Shirrel Rhoades
$3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback

Ever wonder who’s really buried in Grant’s Tomb? Want to go inside an underground vault holding 6,190 tons of gold? See the abandoned subway station with chandeliers and stained glass skylight beneath City Hall? How about peeking inside an armored Money Train? Hunt for giant albino alligators in the City sewers? View sections of the Berlin Wall right here in Manhattan? Track down original bondage photos of ‘50s pinup girl Bettie Page? Explore the secret floors in the Empire State Building? Have a drink in a former CBS studio? Get your hair cut in a chair next to Cindy Lauper? Play tennis in Grand Central Station? Visit the hotel were Leonard Cohen wrote a song about having sex with Janis Joplin? Step beyond the locked gate of the most exclusive private park in the entire state? Have a couple of beers at the oldest Irish pub in New York City? Stroll down the hippest street in the East Village? Get a packet of free money from the Federal Reserve Bank? It’s all here in this insider’s guide to usual places in New York City – both then and now!
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Buried in Grant’s Tomb